Clay Sighting: Regi’s American Bistro

According to the Baltimore Sun, Clay Aiken was spotted last Sunday watching the Superbowl at Regi’s American Bistro in Baltimore, Maryland. While watching the game he ate Maryland crab soup and crab cakes, according to Regi’s owner Alan Morstein.

I wonder who Clay was rooting for?

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3 thoughts on “Clay Sighting: Regi’s American Bistro

  1. I didn’t know he liked football! I know he is a hockey fan, so maybe he’ll show up at the games again this year.

  2. I imagine he gets a kick out of the game. If he’s not a football fan, there’s always the commercials! (I bet he was rooting for a team though)

  3. I have learned more about what constitutes “shell fish” than I ever wanted to know since the report of Clay eating crab. I am glad he was out and about watching the big game.

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