Clay Aiken Gives Us the Weather

Clay Blogged!!

May 27th

He doesn’t like the Rain!!!


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18 thoughts on “Clay Aiken Gives Us the Weather

  1. Clay will be in trouble with the weather police now – LOL!! So good to hear him blog again and the cute bit that went “something a bit safer”!!!

  2. Loved him for that blog. He is a ray of sunshine. Hope everyone left him a nice comment. I think he needed to hear from us. And I sure needed to hear from him!

  3. Love Clay. When Clay Aiken speaks the World listens and listens and listens. All the clayhaters are keeping him in the NEWS and the Limelight. God Bless them.

    • I don't hate Clay at all, but I think he knew his colorful criticism of Adam would create a lot of publicity for him (Clay). Adam's response was more than fair, under the circumstances.

      • I disagree. Maybe Clay should of known that his words would cause a stir, but I sincerely doubt he did it deliberately. If he really wanted to do that, he would of said it in an interview with People.

        Adam's response was an entirely different animal. Clay's comment was made privately and was a highly qualified opinion about a performance. Adam's comment was a personal slam against Clay done publicly in a radio station interview. He took the low road and it doesn't suit him well if you ask me. Especially since Clay had already apologized to him about the comment he made.

        • I used to like Adam when watching AI this year. However, the was he reacted on Clay’s comments was just SO overly arrogant and unattractive. Especially, as you say, since Clay had already apologized. Totally NOT cool. Adam is SO full of himself, it’s becoming ugly.

  4. I was so glad Clay blogged. I was a little worried about him. But, I figured, as usual, he was his old happy self. Even if it was just about the weather…he brought a ray of sunshine into my life and made my day. I think I wuv him.

      • What’s it to you who she worries about? Who are you, the worry police? Maybe you should go worry about someone who actually cares about you rather than worrying about who other people are worried about.

        • ROFLMAO!!! Can’t you come up with something original instead of copying my comments? Hey, I could care less about all this nonsense but I am just having a good laugh at the [edited…] who have to defend Clay like he is their little boy. He’s a grown man ya know, if he puts his foot in his mouth, he can deal with it like an adult [edited…]. And like i said, I don’t hate Clay, in fact, I think he is a great singer but just feel he needs to be treated like a man and not some kid.

  5. Kelli, what’s your beef? What do you care what the fans do? I don’t see anyone “defending” Clay here. They are expressing their opinion about the situation. No one here is treating Clay like a kid. Just because some are angry about how he is being treated or express some worry about his well being does not mean they are not treating him as a grown person. Frankly, I think you need to grow up a bit and stop wasting your time coming around here to lecture us how we should think and act. Your behavior is much more immature than anyone else here.

    • My beef is that it is beyond comprehension how you guys defend Clay’s behavior, and now you defend each other’s behavior. I am not telling you how you should think and act, I just find it side-splitting hilarious that you take it all so seriously. I mean, yes I could be doing something more important with my time, [edited..]

      • I’m laughing… the fact that you are on a Clay Aiken blogsite, dissing Clay fans. I find that side-splitting hilarious, as you put it. Soooo, if you can find something better to do with your time, again as you put it, WHY havent you?

        Just asking…….

  6. Tell you what Kelli. This is a Clay Aiken fansite. We are here to discuss Clay Aiken and our feelings about what happens to him. If you can’t deal with that, then I don’t think you belong here. I’m editing the insults out of your comments and if you can’t behave yourself and respect the other members here. I will ban you.

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