Clay Aiken Promo for 30 Rock

UPDATE: For those of you who can’t see the official promo video below, here is a clip of the part that shows Clay.

There is a new promo for the final of 30 Rock that shows that Clay is doing more than singing.  It looks like this will be a great show.  Take a look!!

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21 thoughts on “Clay Aiken Promo for 30 Rock

  1. I can’t wait to see this show! It looks like it is going to be very funny! clay should be great as Kenny’s cousin! I hope we get to hear him sing a little too!!

  2. Tina Fey is a big Clay Aiken fan and has said she based the character Kenneth after Clay. Now Clay will be Kenneth’s cousin on this episode. COOL!

  3. I can’t see it! The original won’t play in Canada and this one won’t either. Not fair. I need to see Clay!!!!!!!!Guess I’ll have to wait until Thursday.

  4. I just knew there would be a Clay/Kenneth connection!!! I love it! Thanks for posting the video!

  5. I love that Clay is going to be Kenneth’s cousin. What a great move on the part of Tina Fey.

    I love that eye roll that Clay does in that clip. I can’t wait until Thursday.

  6. Thanks for the preview. I LOVE 30 Rock. Finally, an intelligent AND funny show. This finale should be a riot. Clay looks cute and I’m loving that my other BF, Elvis Costello, is doing this show.

  7. I CANNOT STOP WATCHING THAT CLIP LOL!! The eye roll and heavy sigh just CRACKS ME UP!!!!

    This episode looks SO SO SO FUNNY!!!

  8. This episode is going to be great! Loved the promo and can’t wait to see the entire show on Thursday!

  9. Love the 30 Rock clip; have watched it 5 times. I am looking forward to seeing the entire show with CLay Aiken as Kennys cousin.0.

  10. 30 Rock is my favorite TV show, and the preview looks hilarious! I can’t wait to see Clay Aiken on my TV.

  11. This Canuck can’t see it either and couldn’t on the main site. Grrrrrrrrrrr. I guess I have to wait until Thursday.

    Thanks for trying though … much appreciated!

  12. I’m not from Canada..but its not playing for me either. But, I’ve watched it on the NBC Site. Plays perfectly there for me. I can’t wait for Thursday to see this show. Clay will be playing Kenneth’s cousin. He is so cute with that look..and its funny how Alec Baldwin has to blackmail all of them to do the musical. Funny!!

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