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Since Clay has made his new blog public, we are going to go ahead and post it here also:

Wow! Such influence! ha ha

Who knew I had so much influence and that my words and opinion mattered so much to so many people!?!?! HA HA HA I’ll be the first to admit that my opinion is just that, only my opinion, but for as much as some of the bloggers seem to dislike me and care so little about my thoughts, they sure can waste a lot of their space on what I say! If only many of them took the time to pay attention to important things like the US economy and the welfare of the world’s children. But… nah… I could blog about that type of stuff anytime and most wouldn’t think twice, but let me say something that they can pick and choose quotes and misinterpret me… and it’s showtime! I never assumed my opinion mattered so much! I guess I may have been wrong.

That said, since my previous blog got dissected like a biology lab frog, i suppose I should clarify and even retract some of what I wrote.

I am sure that some were upset by my choice of words describing my opinion of a performance I heard from Adam Lambert. I hope no one actually believed that blood truly poured forth from my ears when I heard him. I obviously meant it as a colorful statement to imply that I did not enjoy what I heard. Any performer hopes that their music will appeal to all people, but no singer realistically expects it to. God knows, I am SURE there are PLENTY of people who can’t stand to hear me sing either. I wouldn’t dream of assuming that, and I am sure that far worse things have been said about my performances than I would even venture to type here. To me, that’s fine. I don’t expect unanimous, nor even majority support for my music. But, my guess is Adam doesn’t either. I would not venture to make judgements on the personality or demeanor of anyone I don’t know, so none of what I said in my previous blog was directed as a “slam” on Adam as a person. At the same time, I wouldn’t dream of slamming him as an entertainer. He does what he does, because he enjoys it, and he obviously has many fans who enjoy it as well. If what i said in my previous blog regarding my impression of a single performance from Adam upset or offended any of his fans, I expect that the mature ones will realize that it was simply a poorly worded metaphor describing my personal tastes. The only person I would really dream of apologizing to is Adam. And the irony is, if he’s smart he couldn’t give a crap what I think of his Ring of Fire performance. As an entertainer, Adam knows that one person’s opinion of one performance really matters a little less than zero, in the grand scheme of things. He could not have gotten on Idol (nor made it as far as he did) without an immense amount of talent. He surely doesn’t need my approval to know he has a gift. At the same time, he realizes that amazing talent doesn’t always equal universal appeal. (I could NEVER have the amount of skill and talent that ballet dancers have! that’s talent! But, I don’t particularly enjoy it!) I am sure that I will have plenty of opportunities in the coming years to hear Adam sing. I imagine he’ll be around for years to come. But in the meantime, I definitely don’t want to stoop to the level of so many negative freaks on the internet… so, I do apologize to Adam for my colorful (and negative) choice of words. I hope he can forgive me. I imagine he doesn’t give a damn! 🙂 God knows he shouldn’t. 🙂

Now, for those of you who are able to comment on this…. lets take bets as to which bits and pieces of this blog will end up mass distributed. Be creative…. they don’t seem to care about punctuation or whether or not they use all of the words in a sentence… so, have fun…. 😉

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32 thoughts on “Clay Aiken Responds

  1. Clay Aiken is a class act – no doubt about it! Too bad the media doesn't have the titanium to print this too

  2. Clay Aiken owes no one anything for expressing an opinion, but since he is a gentleman, he felt the need to clarify his words.

  3. Clay Aiken is an intelligent, snarky guy who uses words lots. He has explained his use of words describing Adam Lambert’s performance of Ring of Fire. Case closed.

  4. Amazing that what Clay Aiken says is news all over. He is laughing about it too, but felt the need to say he didn’t mean to hurt Adam.

  5. Judging by the amount of publicity that Clay Aiken's first blog received, I'd say he is still very relevant and influential!

  6. clay aiken don’t hate. your not that famous yet. ryan seacrest don’t even play your song on the radio. back then your nothing your just nerdy with that ugly red hair. ADAM ALOT BETTER THAN YOU.

    • I’m confused. Clay didn’t say he hated anyone. He’s just not a fan of Adam and is disappointed in what AI has turned into. Heck, even Danny Gokey said he thought the way AI over-hyped Adam hurt Adam in the end. Not Adam’s fault. Maybe you are the one who should chill and not hate. You’re not doing Adam any favors by coming here and hating on Clay. Quite a few Adam fans are also Clay fans.

    • I am really trying to understand. You certainly are welcome here, but it sounds like you might be more at home at Adam’s board as you say ADAM ALOT BETTER THAN YOU.

  7. [rant]

    Clay, I’d kiss ya BIGTIME if’n I could.

    —-> *smooch* <—-

    Your candid and articulate evaluation of what AI has become is spot-on: it is a stale, self-important, incestuous machine, churning out cookie-cutter, one-hit-wonder moneymakers to temporarily fill the AI/19/RCA coffers, until the next season comes along and they summarily ditch anyone who hasn’t toed the line or gotten radio play with minimal label support. They pepper the auditions with “ringers”, those who’ve failed with a mediocre record from another label (Carly?) or have a broad theater background that *technically* doesn’t eliminate them as a professional performer. PUL-LEEZE. Everyone knows what you meant by “real” people, Clay.

    Upset the “man behind the curtain” and you’re toast. But jump through all the hoops and obey EvilC like a Stepford Idol (OK, her initials are Carrie Underwood) and you’re pimped beyond belief. Either you can have a career on your own terms, or sell your soul to the devil.

    The bloom is off the rose, folks. AI has run its course. All the glitter and colorful spotlights and fog machines and celeb mentors cannot save the franchise. It’s now a sad caricature of its former self…. kinda like seeing your great-great-grandmother dress up in blue hair, spandex leggings and platform shoes and hitting the clubs on Friday night.


    Aside: Sad that Simon Cowell cannot afford to buy himself anything other than a 5-pack of Fruit of the Loom undershirts at KMart for $4.99, isn’t it. What a complete boor he is. And for the embarrassing amount of money he shamelessly rakes in, you’d think he’d have the decency (OK, yeah, I know – Simon and decency in the same sentence: a blatant oxymoron!) to at least LOOK like he’s paying attention to the contestants.

    Thanks for listening. We now return you to your regular programming.

  8. Clay Aiken is a class act. All the FREAKS on the internet (tm Clay) can say otherwise but they are all just tiny blips on the radar. They see only what they want to see anyway.

    I don’t think Clay needed to make a 2nd blog because it was only those with some reading comprehension issues that didn’t understand what he was saying in the first one. That’s life I guess.

    I’m just thrilled to death that he didn’t make any apologies towards American Idol because that farce of a show doesn’t deserve it. There was more pimping this year than ever before. The show has gone way downhill.

  9. Clay is certainly a Class Act. AI? Oh, yeah, that laughable show that should have been off the air years ago? Oh, yeah, haven’t watched that show in years.

    Loved your blogs Clay…especially the 2nd one. HaHaHaHa! You sure do have INFLUENCE. Love it!

  10. I think it was very gracious of Clay Aiken to apologize to Adam. He made an off the cuff remark that he later regretted because it might have been hurtful to Adam….so he apologized. simon cowell makes deliberate, hateful remarks every week, gets paid for it, AND he never apologizes. I’d rather listen to Clay Aiken’s opinions.

  11. I’m impressed with Clay Aiken’s willingness to take responsibility for his words and issue an apology to Adam. Clay is entitled to his opinion, but did not want to hurt Adam’s feelings. Now that Adam is away from Idol, he’d better get ready for criticism from a lot more people.

  12. To bad his second blog won’t be all over the internet like his first blog was, and his first blog came from his site where you have to be a member, so which member stole it and threw it up on the internet in the first place. And he’s so right, they don;t read his blogs about serious stuff, but God forbid say something about AI or their new golden child (yes i do love Adam) and its all over the place being picked apart in minutes…

  13. clay aiken, i am a 47 year old mother who has teenage children, and i make the ultimate decision as to what cd’s and merchandise they will spend their money on. yours will not be one of them! you’d probably learn a thing or two from adam lambert if you really studied him. he does what his public likes regarding music, wardrobe, hair and make-up, etc. he will get my money which is the ultimate winner in the end. you need to go back to the old broke down ymca in raleigh, NC! see ya, wouldn’t want to be ya!

    • Umm. Who are you talking to? Clay doesn't frequent this site, so your diatribe is a bit misplaced. Though, I must say… I'm a little alarmed if you think Adam is a better example for your children than Clay. Not the person I would be encouraging my children to emulate.

    • Ermmm, I wouldnt buy them any music. I’d concentrate on getting some private lessons in grammar, just to help you understand that YOU are a role model to your kids…just saying..

  14. Kielbasa, I loved your post. The Stepford Wives, yeah that sure is CU, thats why she gets so much promotion. Yeah, Simon Cowell sure makes enough money to buy more than t-shirts too.AI is such a disaster..that it makes me laugh. Haven’t watched it in 6 years.

  15. ryvan why are you on a Clay message board with all your hate of him, not to mention your bad grammar?

    My understanding of what Clay said, was not to diss Adam, but to express his dismay with the treatment of the song. I thought it was terrible, too, but Adam is a good performer.

    So, why is everyone freaking out??

    • It’s pretty funny when you think about it. All this controversy over Clay’s opinion of Adam’s performance. You would think he had murdered somebody! Ryvan found this site through our twitter account. He tweeted a message to me as if I were Clay. I told him I wasn’t Clay, that we were a fan site. I guess he decided to visit and leave his little present. LOL.

  16. to Mary………

    What a hoot………Adam as a role model for your teens. Hmmmm. Gee you sound like a good Mom. First Adam is openly gay, no wait…….no he isn’t……..he’s back in the closet. Is he gay?? Isn’t he gay?? First your true to yourself and then you hide. Greaaaaaat role model. Oh and I looooove the eye makeup. Do your son’s wear it too?? pffft.

    My kids can listen to Adam if they want to. But I wouldn’t want him to be a role model for them.

    Now Clay Aiken does more for humanity than Adam has ever thought about. Being a good human being and giving back to society should be what a good role model is……….not what Adam is selling……..

  17. Another thought. Why are a few of you skewering Carrie Underwood? Isn’t this the very behavior you are objecting to in regard to Clay? Or is it alright for YOU to point your finger at another artist who has also done nothing evil?

    Shame on you!

    • Ah, well. Everyone has an opinion. If only Clay and some of the others off of Idol had half the support she has had. Personally, I really like Carrie. I think she’s a great singer.

  18. I love when Clay speaks his mind. I think he has had to hold that sexy tongue for way too long. I agree with his assessment 100%. Adam has plenty of fans who are into Glam rock/Broadway..he will do fine. Such an outrage from Clay expressing his opinion. WOW!

    I don’t have a problem with Carrie. Not a fan, but she has done wonderful. I think the comments were just pointing out that she tows the company line and has been well rewarded for it that’s all. Not a diss.

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