Clay Aiken Celebrates June


June is the sixth month of the year according to the Gregorian calendar,
which is used in almost all the world today.  Some authorities believe the Romans
named the month for Juno, the patron goddess of marriage.
Is that why so many couples choose the month of June for their marriage? 
Others trace the name to a family name, Junius. The
Junius family was powerful and important throughout the
early history of ancient Rome.

Spring ends and summer begins on June 20, 21, or 22 in the Northern Hemisphere.
Trees and shrubs are often at their freshest,
and there are more flowers during June than at any other time.

Special Occasions in June

Flag Day is observed in the United States on June 14.
It commemorates the day in 1777 when the Continental Congress adopted
the Stars and Stripes as our flag. It then had only 13 stars, to match its 13 stripes.

It’s not an official national holiday, but in Pennsylvania, it is a legal holiday.
The President has proclaimed a public flag day observance every year.
It was first observed to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the selection of the flag.
President Harry S. Truman officially recognized June 14
as Flag Day by signing the National Flag Day Bill.

Father’s Day is the day when the people of many countries express gratitude and
appreciation for their fathers by giving them gifts or greeting cards. In the United
States and Canada,  Father’s Day falls on the third Sunday in June.

On the Summer Solstice, which occurs on June 21,
the Sun is at its highest path through the sky and the day is the longest.

June Symbols

The special flower for June is the rose.

The gems for June are the pearl, alexandrite, and moonstone.

Did you Know That…..

The YMCA was organized in London on June 6, 1844.

United Nations Charter was signed by delegates
from 50 nations at San Francisco, June 26, 1945.

Clay Aiken In June

Clay started recording his first album in June, 2003.

He has never been on Tour in June.

June has always been a behind the scenes month  for Clay. 
Although Clay had one performance on Good Morning America and one visit
on Jimmy Kimmel, he has seldom performed in the month of June.

UNICEF Ambassador Clay Aiken was in Somalia at the end of June in 2008.
He met lots of children and learned about the catastrophic conditions
under which they struggle to survive every day.

June, 2009

This June, Clay will celebrate his first Father’s Day as a Daddy
to his beautiful son, Parker.  What a special day that will be!

According to casual comments from Clay, the new name
of his foundation will be announced this June.

Will there be any other announcements? 
Clay’s fans all hope that some career news is forthcoming.

What are your plans for June?

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6 thoughts on “Clay Aiken Celebrates June

  1. 🙂 My son is very happy it’s June!!! I remember when Clay Aiken went to Somalia – such a horrible situation over there – I sure wish the “press” would give as much time to his UNICEF trips as they do to his foot (although it is a mighty fine foot)

  2. It’s hard to believe it’s June already – and Clay Aiken will be celebrating his first Father’s Day!

    Thanks for another great blog.

  3. Thanks for the wonderful blog on June and Clay. Awwww…Clay will be celebrating his first Father’s Day this June. I hope he has the most wonderful day. He so deserves it.

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