Clay Aiken – Photo Captions

Clay Aiken is on a break and we can only hope that he is having a bit of fun.  So………lets have a bit of fun too.

I am going to post two pictures of Clay.  Then, your job starts.  For each picture, write a caption.  The caption can be what Clay is thinking or what he is doing…….. or………….well, use your imagination.  The more people that participate, the more fun it will be.

As Clay fans, we have had some serious days recently.  Lets take a break from the heavy stuff and have some laughs.







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38 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Photo Captions

  1. This will be fun…thanks for keeping us amused until Clay returns to us.

    1. “Well..all I can say is, Tiger can have this..I’ll stick to singing”.

    2. “I’m good with the looks tonight”

    Have fun ladies.


  2. #1 – “What the dickens/xl&?%$#%js@#$% do I do with these stick things, and how do I get them outta here?”

    #2 – “Are you looking at ME?? I hope so, ’cause I got it goin’ ON tonight, girl.”

    This is fun!

    I would love to see Jemock’s ( take on this game, though. She is hilarious!

    — ClayKat

  3. #1… Ok am I supposed to hit this cap with that stick into the sand behind me?

    #2…Now where did that come from?

  4. #1 What the H*ll…this is too heavy. I need a Caddy!

    #2 I do believe that woman is giving me the eye over there!

  5. LOL! I’m laughing wayyyy to much over these!

    #1 Are you sure you put my lunch in here? Anyone have a flashlight?

    #2 You got that seat HOW??!!

  6. #1. Oh mah gawd!!! What the heck am ah supposed to do with these darn things anyway???

    #2. Am I sexy or what?

  7. 1-Goodnesss-they use all these things to hit one little ball?

    2-Yeah-I am looking good-I so know that is what you are thinking!

  8. 1. OK, I finally assembled the cart. Don’t tell me there’s more to this game!!

    2. Yeah, it’s a new dance step. You’re not the only one with rhythm, ya know!

  9. 1. This is so dang gone frustratin’ I think I’m gonna’ cry!
    2. Ahhhh excuse want me to do what!! DANCE!! No way!

  10. 1. When they told me we were golfing, Ah thought they meant mini golf!

    2. What do you think they would say if ah brought out the fugly jacket, Angela?

  11. #1 Damn!! This thing is heavy. Wonder if I could lift it up over my head? What? You’re supposed to hit balls with these things!!!

    #2 Well, well!!

  12. #1 Does it count if my hole in one goes in the golf bag instead of the hole on the course?

    #2 Hey you in the second row, I see you checking me out with your binoculars.

    This is fun. All the captions are great.

  13. #1.Guess You gotta have “balls” to play this game.

    #2.Yes YOU! I see you lookin at mah butt again. And put that Camera down!

  14. #1 – (looking at the basket of golf balls)…. “Well this is insulting…. how many did they think i’d lose?!”

    #2 – Just a few more seconds… I aint coming second in this staring game too!!

  15. #1) When they said they’d give me a handicap, I thought they were talking about something totally different.

    #2) Really now? You wish!

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