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March 12th – Raleigh!!  Something exciting!!  That’s all we know for sure.  Each and every Clay Aiken fan has their own opinion about the news, but each one seems to be almost as excited as Clay seems to be.

How many of you have already checked out the airfare to Raleigh? How about the hotel prices?  Have you contacted your travel buddies??  Are you ready to press the “yes” button as soon as the details are out?

Since we really don’t have the details, maybe we need to just have a bit of fun as we wait.  Thats what this blog is about…fun!!

Clay Aiken will be featured in a PBS special in June.  Since it will probably be Clay with a symphony orchestra, it will be a classy affair.  BIG QUESTION!  What should Clay wear?? (I told you its all for fun today!)  Here are a few looks that might be appropriate.  What do you think?

GLAAD Awards

Christmas 2007

Tonight Show - Leno

Nick at Night


American Music Awards


There are so many other great outfits.  I probably did not post your favorite.  But, I did the best I could.  I left out great outfits when I didn’t have a wonderful picture to show it off.

Let us know your favorite look.

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22 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Clothes Count

  1. So many choices, and every one of them perfect! Few men wear a suit the way Clay Aiken does! I can't make up my mind, although I am quite partial to Clay wearing black. Whatever he chooses to wear, you know Clay will be classy and classic! I'll just enjoy your wonderful pictures while we wait to see!

  2. I love picture number two the best but he looks hot in all of them. I think Clay's best look is in a sharp suit. I hope that's the look he goes for instead of the sweaters. Whatever he chooses though, just to hear him sing is all I need to make my day.

  3. Wow. You expect us to choose from seven examples of perfection??? I kept scrolling down and going, "Wow…Wow…WOW." LOL He wears clothes so nicely.

  4. Amazing!!!……how can someone choose!! Clay Aikn is so handsome in all the pictures. Nobody looks better in a suit!!

    Thanks for the great pictures.

    • Clay looks good in all of the above outfits, but I like the last outfit the best.(The one with 'Billboard" under it.) It's very classy (suit) but still current with an air of casualness to it because the suit jacket and the shirt collar are unbuttoned. Very sexy!

  5. Yes, I contacted my travel buddies and reserved a hotel right away. I was thinking today about what I would wear and CANN is contemplating what Clay Aiken will wear. I'm betting he'll look absolutely handsome in a well fitting suit and tie.

  6. Clay always looks beautiful, but if I am forced to choose, I would choose #2 first and then #6.
    Clay looks especially sharp in black. Remember AI3 Solitaire?

    I hope I can go March 12.

  7. I love every single "look." But, one of my all time favorites is the Leno one where he sang "Without You." Loved his hair, the suit, just everything about him.
    Just cannot wait for this PBS special–it's going to be special for sure.

  8. Love them all….but I would say the Billboard one and Leno one! Clay is perfection in a suit.

    Wish I was going to Raleigh for March 12th but its not going to happen. Happy for those who do get to. Make us proud and give him lots of love from all of us.

  9. My favorite is the Jay Leno show. He looked so suave and in control in that suit and of course Gorgeous.

  10. I thought he looked very put together on the tonight show singing Without You. I like his hair from the Glaad awards but the suit didn;t fit him like the Leno suit. That suit had a very European fit.

  11. IMO Clay could wear a suit made out of burlap bags and make it look good. I like ALL of the above, but if I had to pick, it would be the Leno suit. I like his hair in the Leno picutre too.

  12. What if most of us don't have the money, the means, or the logistics to get to Raleigh? We have been asked to be excited for the rich and soiled one too many times. When will he come a little closer to the rest of his fanbase again? I like the 'Tonight Show" Leno look the best!!

    • Merrie…… one is asking you to be excited. I am excited because of the great opportunities that are opening up for Clay. I am excited because I will get to see Clay on TV singing on a PBS special.
      The world is a big place. Whereever Clay chooses to perform, there will be people who will not get to attend……a lot more than get to go.

      I am sorry that you are disappointed. I live in California. That's a long way from Raleigh, but I am excited that Clay is bringing out a new album and excited about his career. Thats enough for me.

  13. Merrie, I'm sad you are disappointed too but look at it this way. Most likely this is the taping for the PBS special so you will get to see this. Don't forget there may also be a tour this summer where he will be more places and hopefully close to you so you can see him. I'd sure love to see him in concert again.

  14. OMG…He looks great in all the pictures…but, I had to pick The Tonight Show – Leno Look. That has been my very favorite look of his. He just looks so dreamy..and tall…and handsome…and sexy- well, you get the point. It is so exciting having everything starting for Clay. Love that man!!

  15. It's a toss up between the Nick at Nite look and Leno. Leno's picture -I picked it because that's how Clay looked when I saw him for the first time in concert in 2007. The Nick at Night one-he is just so handsome and in a tux!

  16. I do like that black-on-black look in the second photo. I’m more interested in what hair color and style he will be wearing! I’ve checked out the driving distance/time and it would take about 8 hrs to drive to Raleigh from Columbus, OH. I hope the weather will cooperate.

  17. IMPOSSIBLE. How can you choose out of all these wonderful pictures? He looks stunning in a suit… ooooh, not many men can pull that one off. Yummy. I loved the first one best (GLAAD) before I saw the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th. I can't pick. I feel like am cheating on him by choosing one pictureover the others.

    But I really love the GLAAD, AMA, Emmy and the Jay Leno suit. It's a tie for those 4 and the others are 1.5

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