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For Clay Aiken and his fans, the page has turned and Decca Records is adding the print.  Today, Decca took the first step in filling in Clays fan page at Decca’s  website.  Under the media section, they have added 3 videos.


Why don’t you visit the site and look around.   It is important to let Decca know how excited we are to see information about Clay Aiken.

The Way


On My Way Here

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  1. So great to see that Decca now has these videos up… We've been waiting, and now it's finally here…. We've got less than 3 weeks to Clay's concert…so I would imagine that a promotion will be happening…. Loved the videos… Especially love OMWH….Such a fantastic CD….hopefully people that never knew it existed, will listen and buy it… Every song is wonderful.


  2. I love these videos. With the website being updated it's all coming together. I'm so excited. I also just have to say that I love that quote on this page. With everything that's been thrown at him not only has Clay been a decent person, but he's been a great person. Guess that's why we love him.

  3. Musicfan,

    Looking forward to Clay Aiken's tenure with Decca Records! Thank you for the update on the videos, info on Clay's page there.

    Have a great weekend!


  4. I love these Clay Aiken videos that Decca has put up.
    BTW I heard Invisible in grocery store today!!! woohoo!

  5. Thanks for keeping up with things here at CANN. You do my work for me. It was so enjoyable watching all those videos again. Thank you. 🙂

  6. Always such an informative blog!! Thanks for the update! Love the videos and the fact that DECCA's updating Clay's site!!

  7. So nice to see that it is all starting. I loved seeing and watching the video's up at Decca's Vevo Site. It is so exciting knowing that he will be in Raleigh in concert in about 3 weeks. I am enjoying all the video's. Thank you for your informative blogs.

  8. I loved watching the videos at Clay Aiken's Decca site. I'm so excited for Clay's new album with Decca to be released!!!!!!!!

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