Clay Aiken – Summer Time

It is only March 8th, but if you are a Clay Aiken fan, most of your thoughts are on the upcoming summer and the possibility of a Clay Aiken Tour- Stop close to your home.  Since the announcement of the first concert in Asheville, North Carolina, fans have been buzzing about all the summer fun.

When Clay has toured during the summer months in past years, he has enjoyed some daytime activity by riding some of the carnival rides at the fairs that he visits.  Do you think he will do that again this summer??

The following are a few pictures from some of the fun Clay and his friends have had at the fairs.

Remember, you can click on the pictures and see them larger.  It’s worth it to see the looks on some of the faces (especially Angela’s).

Hopefully…….today we will get more news of some summer concerts.  When we do, we will post the information as soon as we can.

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10 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Summer Time

  1. I bet the ClayTeam had a great time at the summer fairs. I loved Angela's face!!

    I am all for some more tour dates ASAP!! Thanks for keeping us up-to-date.

  2. It looked like they were having an AMAZING time!! well, at least CLAY was having an amazing time, not so sure about Angela 😉 Cannot wait to hear more about a Clay Aiken & Ruben Studdard Summer tour!!! Hoping against all odds that they come to my area of the country 😀

  3. Clay sure loves to go on the rides. There are 2 pics up there of Clay and Angela at Darien Lake, NY. I remember standing outside the gates, and watching them. They were going around the grounds and passed by us the first time….Someone said…there goes Clay!!! We should have known…They were the days when Clay went out…he wore his bucket hat…. After they got off the rollercoaster, they came by, and sure enough, Clay had the bucket hat on…It was a great day!


  4. Clay sure is a daredevil. I couldn't stop laughing at that picture of Angela with Clay on that ride. She looked like she was ready to cry in the first one. I can't believe all the things that Clay has done, like the sky diving with Jerome and that Giraffe stunt. Well, maybe he will appear at some fairs this year, but I hope he doesn't do anymore stunts…don't want him to get hurt. Thanks for all the great pictures.

  5. I am most definitely looking forward to this summer tour. Cannot wait.
    Clay on stage is one of my favorite things. Clay and Ruben is going to be especially nice.
    They sound great together.

  6. What fun! If Clay ever needs someone to go on a roller coaster with, I volunteer! 🙂

    Can't wait for this summer!

  7. Thanks again for such a fun blog!! Always great memories! Can't wait to hear more about the cities Clay will be visiting this summer!!

  8. Loved the pictures. Clay Aiken knows how to have fun.
    Hoping he will be in New England this summer. He's the best.

  9. I havent commented here for awhile because of suffereing from health problems.
    Sorry. I am going to miss not seeing him Friday, but look forward to seeing Clay
    live in future concerts. He is a true jewel.

    Thanks for these great photos. Clay just loves carnival rides!!! I love to see him having
    so much fun. I love it! My favorite photo of all is the first one with Clay driving like a
    wild man in that car. Isnt he priceless?!!

  10. Love the pictures of all the fun they are having, although the 7th one (next to last) was taken during the 2005 JNT. That Gregory Ellis between Quianna and Andy.

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