Clay Aiken – He Has A Way With Words

Friday night, April 23rd………….most of Clay Aiken’s fans thought that they would be seeing Clay on TV.  It had been announced that Clay would be a guest on the Larry King Live show.  But, within hours of announcing Clay would be a guest, “Team Clay “ announced by twitter and FaceBook that the visit was off.

For whatever reason the show was pulled off of Clay’s calendar, we can only hope that he is healthy and just decided that it was not an appearance he wanted to make.

It’s been a long time since Clay has made an appearance on TV.  To take away some of the disappointment, I have posted some videos of Clay visiting with Larry King on September 27, 2006.  Clay and Larry held a 50-minute interview and touched on a variety of topics, including panic attacks, rumors and the price of fame……..oh yes…..they also covered the release of Clay’s album, A Thousand Different Ways.

There are two conversations in this interview that made me laugh.  The first is about Ryan Seacrest.  Poor Larry…he didn’t have a clue!!

KING: Ryan Seacrest sends his best by the way.

AIKEN: Oh, good.

KING: We spoke to him today.

AIKEN: Oh, good.

KING: He was very good to you.

AIKEN: Oh, was he? That’s nice.

KING: Wasn’t he?

AIKEN: He’s always — oh, he’s always very good to us, yes. We loved him.

The second chuckle came from this short conversation.

AIKEN: How did the panic attack thing start?

KING: The rumors start?

AIKEN: I don’t know. I really have no idea. I mean I think that…

KING: One piece, somebody wrote something do you remember how it…

AIKEN: I really don’t know. I mean I stopped paying attention. I think the first time actually my first memory of you, Larry, it was the first time I was on your show right after Idol and I was in a satellite with Ruben from New York and you were here and you said something about the National Enquirer and how there was some story in the Enquirer. It was the first time I had heard about it. And I went, “Oh, I thought Larry was nice. What’s this all about?” I had no idea.

KING: I’m nice.

AIKEN: Yes, you are but I didn’t — I didn’t have any idea what it was about. And at that point I think someone had said that I had said that the show was rigged or something preposterous like that. And, of course, somebody I’d never heard of. I think people get bored and they decide to make these stories up.

Listening to Clay Aiken in an interview is an amazing time.  Even when the person asking the questions is looking for a scoop, Clay has a way of answering that is polite but gets his point across.

I know that you all would rather have 2010 Clay, but these videos are the best I can do.

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  1. I enjoyed this LKL interview a lot. I'm kindof relieved he didn't go on LKL last night. Some of it seemed a little negative to me and Clay doesn't need to be in the middle of that. I hope he's focusing on the new cd and tour. All the postitive things going on right now. I'm sending all the best energy I can his way 🙂

  2. I loved those Clay Aiken videos. I have them saved but haven't looked at them in a good while. I watched them again from your blog. Clay is such an articulate man. He is probably an interviewer's dream. I was impressed with how he was able to handle Larry King's sometimes inappropriate questions in such a pleasant way. Clay Aiken is a class act!

  3. I enjoyed watching these videos again. Clay is so good in interviews. He handles himself well. Thanks for putting these up Musicfan…Loved them…


  4. Thanks so much–I hadn't watched this interview in over two years. He is always so intelligent and articulate even when faced with very difficult questions. I am just so glad that he doesn't have to be put in a position of answering questions like that any more. Agree–the man is a class act! Hope we'll get to see lots of interview in the next few months as he promotes that wonderful new album.

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