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The National Inclusion Project is very important to Clay Aiken.  Although there is a wonderful staff that runs the project, Clay must spend many hours, lending a hand and using his voice to work for inclusion for all.

This is one of the reasons we feature the programs that are a part of the Project.  According to their web-site, their mission is very clear.

Our mission: The National Inclusion Project serves to bridge the gap that exists between young people with disabilities and the world around them. We partner with communities and inclusive programs creating awareness about the possibilities that inclusion can bring.

The young organization became a reality in July of 2003.   Since that time, the National Inclusion Project has established itself as a leading voice for inclusion working with a “Who’s who” list of youth organizations.

Running a successful program costs lots of money and one of the important things that the Project has to do is raise funds to help keep the program going.

In July, a big fund-raising program is in store for The National Inclusion Project……….AND…… is something we can all help with.

The following information comes from the National Inclusion.  If you want more information, please visit the  SITE.

We need your help to win $250,000 for our “Fresh” Idea!

Each month Pepsi is giving away $1.3 million dollars to support organizations and people who have fresh ideas that make an impact in their communities.  Pepsi decided to use some of their advertising money to fund this multi-million dollar contest for charities.  Each month, many charities vie for their chance for some of the funds.

In the month of July, the National Inclusion Project will be participating and competing for $250,000 to support Let’s ALL Play and Camp Scholarships so that thousands of kids can participate in our innovative inclusion programs.

We need your help!  To make it easy for you, we will vote for you every day if you fill out the form below.  The information you provide will only be used by the National Inclusion Project and Pepsi for voting purposes. Please pass the word!  If you would like to volunteer to help in this effort, please let us know.

The most important thing you can is to give the Project permission to vote for you.  There is a form that you can fill out and give to the Project.  They promise that they will not sell or pass your email on in any way.  As an incentive to send in your email, you will automatically be entered into a contest to win 2 free airline tickets.  The drawing will be held on July 15th and you will be notified by e-mail if you win.

So, this fund-raisers will not cost you anything but a stamp to mail in the form.

To print the form, click on the link below then send the completed form to

National Inclusion Project – Pepsi Refresh Contest

104 T.W. Alexander Dr.  Bldg. 1

PO Box 110104

RTP, North Carolina 27709

Right Click and Save Target here

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  1. You don't need to print and mail the form. If you go directly to the site you simply need to fill out the very short form and hit submit. Then confirm on your e-mail account and your done! easy peasy 🙂

  2. What an easy way to help the National Inclusion Project. Time to round up family and friends to help with this.

  3. Indeed…just go directly to the NIP site. It's simple and only takes a few minutes of your time. One question ask was who referred you to the challenge and I answered Clay Aiken News Network 🙂

  4. This is a great opportunity to raise money for the NIP and it is very easy to do! Only takes a few minutes! I hope everyone does it.

  5. Thanks for the article. I talked with Project director Kristy Barnes in march and she told me this would be happening. I will be interviewing her in June for my radio show and we will be highlighting this. I hope everyone who listens goes and votes! The show is called Acts of Kindness.

  6. signed up earlier, hope National Inclusion Project will get lots of people to sign up for the Pepsi Challenge.

  7. NIP sure made it easy for us to keep the voting going. Signed up and am excited to see NIP entered again.

  8. I just signed up. I hope NIP is able to get many people to sign up for this. I would be wonderful if they win. I also put Clay Aiken News Network when they asked who referred me.

  9. I'm all signed up. I hope they get all Clay's fans to sign up for this. It would be so nice to see them win such large sums of money…and get lots and lots of Camps for the Kids. I'll see who else I can

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