Clay Aiken = It’s Been So Wonderful

I was thinking of all the wonderful pictures, TV shows, radio interviews and written articles that have shown up in the last month.  There is nothing better than all the promo that surrounds Clay Aiken at this time.

I thought it might be fun to see just a bit of what we has been made available to us.

Yep!!  Life Is Good!!

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4 thoughts on “Clay Aiken = It’s Been So Wonderful

  1. It has been a great few weeks. Seeing and hearing Clay just makes my dayl He has looked and sounded wonderful. I am truly happy with this wonderful cd and I can't wait for the tour and to get my hands on that TNT Live dvd.

  2. Musicfan….Life is definately good. It's been great to see and read all about Clay..and for the most's all been positive, informative, enlightening, and SOOOO ENTERTAINING… Clay is definately one of a kind…. I have not stopped listening to "Tried & True" since the 1st. I just love it. It truly is a masterpiece, that will never grow old…. We still have lots of Clay stuff coming up…and he hasn't even hit the late nite circuit yet….. IT'S ALL GOOD…..


  3. The new pictures, appearances and articles about Clay have been wonderful to see. It's so fun to log onto the internet and have something new to hear, see, or read about my favorite performer. I swear I think he gets better looking every day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. The last few weeks have been great, I can never get enough of Clay.The interviews have been wonderful, and I look forward to everything that is ahead. The CD is fabulous, and Clay is as always gorgeous, sexy, and a dream quest for an interview. What I love the most is that Clay is just glowing, he seems so happy, and he deserves all the good things in life he is a wonderful person, who is making a difference. Yes! I do love this man.


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