Clay Aiken – On The View – Updated

I am on the west coast and I just saw Clay on The View.  What an incredible performance and interview.  Here are a few screen-caps.  Thanks to the fans who share these with us!!  I will continue to update as we receive new pictures, videos and news.


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6 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – On The View – Updated


    Thank you CANN for putting the video up of Clay singing Unchained Melody…..
    It still gives me chills when I hear him sing this…He is incredible. Love the caps as well…
    Clay looks so happy and content and in control of his life…..
    THIS my friends is what SUCCESS LOOKS LIKE!!!!!


  2. WOW! I heard him sing this live at the PBS special but that was at night. To sing this in the am is amazing!

  3. Wasn't that INCREDIBLE! Clay is such a gorgeous man with an equally magnificent voice. I just ADORE him!!!

  4. That performance was so amazing. It leaves me with the chills and even tears me up a little because it is sooo good. He is also such a gorgeous man. I can really see the happiness in him too..and it is sooo sweet to see. Love that man!!

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