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Clay Aiken- Looking Back- Moving Forward!

Well… has started!!  Check out the following graphic.  Isn’t it nice to see??

We all would love to hear Clay Aiken performing Unchained Melody on the AC radio stations.  Well, devoted fan, MagicalMusic,  decided to do something about it.  She requested the song and  received the following e-mail from the station:

So glad to have you as a listener of Ez~! We’ll play Clay Aiken’s “Unchained Melody” just now and trust you’re able to be tuned.
We’ll check out others by Clay Aiken and will be glad to add some.
Again, thank you for being with us tonight.
Lane and Martha in Atlanta

Thank you, Magical………you got the ball rolling!!!

As we look towards the end of the year, we cannot help but think of the exciting things that happened for Clay this year.  It is a time of reflection.  I thought it might be interesting if everyone took a moment and let us know their TOP Clay moments for 2010.  Maybe there is just one, but maybe you have a Top Ten List.  What ever it is, lets see if we can put together a list of 2010 Top Clay Aiken moments.

For me:

1.  That “moment” in Unchained Melody…..the key change just builds to an amazing place…..

2.  Bringing Broadway Home…….why did I make the decision to stay at home that night?  It was amazing.

3.  Clay’s beautiful performance of Both Sides Now will be something I will remember forever.

4.  Reno……Hammer pants…….Clay was so proud to show off the outfit, including the bling around his waist!!   AND….I was there!!

5.  Amazed and excited that Linda Eder was on the stage with Clay in Raleigh.  I have been lucky enough to see her in concert twice before her appearance in Raleigh.

WAIT—I need to stop.  I could go on all night!!  Help me out….What are your moments to remember?

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