Clay Aiken – The Unlikely Pop Star

It all started in Atlanta, Georgia on January 28th, 2003, when millions of people were introduced to a skinny redhead who wore glasses and had a unique fashion style. The American Idol judges looked skeptical and no one knew what to expect.

But like your mother used to say, don’t judge a book by its cover. Clay Aiken opened his mouth to sing and the incredible voice that poured out amazed everyone.

“Why are you here?” Clay spread his hands and stated simply; “Because I am the next American Idol.”

The skeptical judges watched and listened as Clay sang an excerpt from the 80’s song, Always and Forever and demonstrated his rich, clear voice.

Randy Jackson wanted to know where the voice came from and Simon Cowell suggested that he didn’t look like a pop star. But, it’s all about the voice and so Clay, the unlikely pop star, made his first steps on an incredible journey.

The voice continued to amaze through the following weeks. Clayton Aiken became Clay Aiken. He not only looked like a pop star, he became one.

Please watch this incredible audition video!

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14 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – The Unlikely Pop Star

  1. Wow wow wow, I love watching that everytime I see it!!! Thank musicfan! What a way to wake up in the morning! I am PUMPED!!!! *g*

  2. That was fun to watch again… Thanks CANN

    As much as Clay has got the voice, he also has such stage presence…He is magnetic on stage. You can't take your eyes off of him when he is performing… People wonder why we go to see Clay at so many concerts. It's because they are never alike. Yes, the set list is the same, but Clay interacts with the fans, and that is the fun part…

  3. I love the video. Thank you for putting this on your blog. Clay was amazing going out there and looking like he had all the confidence in the world.

    Many thanks for posting a positive and informative blog each day. I love it!!

  4. Great video and writeup! I really enjoyed going back in time and watching Clay from the beginning. What a talent our guy is!!!!!!!!!!

  5. No matter how many times I watch that video…you just can't believe that voice. I can see why they put him through. I honestly don't think there has ever been anyone on AI with a voice as good as Clay. I have to agree that Clay has such a presence up there on the stage…you hardly know there is anyone else up there. What a very talented man.

  6. I am so thankful for that audition and to be introduced to Clay. It has been an amazing journey so far and I can't wait to see what the future holds. I think that video is the perfect celebration for Clay. 🙂

  7. Clay Aiken was so good in the audition… cute too…looks so young!!

    Love all the video.thanks for posting it.

  8. Thanks so much musicfan for this great video.
    I am a day late watching it but have to say that I loved it.
    He was so good and so funny.

  9. Thank God the judges judged primarily on talent rather than image in 2003. Clay openned the door for future unlikely pop/music stars.

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