Clay Aiken – Yes…We Can!!

Are you a fan of Clay Aiken?  Do you want to know why you should seriously consider becoming an active member of FaceBook, Twitter, and YouTube…why it is important that you read and comment at blogs and articles about Clay?  If you read the following information, I hope you will see why it is paramount that we all participate in the social/digital world of a musician.

On July 20th, Big Champagne unveiled The Ultimate Chart at the New Music Seminar in New York City.

The purpose of the Ultimate Chart is to update old methods that were used to track the popularity of songs and artists. For years, Billboard charts have ranked musicians by sales only. The Ultimate Chart uses everything from Amazon downloads and YouTube/Vevo views to Facebook fans and Twitter followers to provide the music industry a chart for the digital age.

Eric Garland, the CEO of Big Champagne said:

“For the first time this is getting beyond but not leaving behind traditional sales and airplay. What we’ve tried to do is take everything we know about the ways in which artists and their fans connect and put that into one measure, so that we really know where we stand.”

Big Champagne’s partners and sources for the Ultimate Chart include retailers, online and traditional broadcasters (radio and television), major content companies, subscription services, social networks and other venues where fans demonstrate their passion for music. These include: Yahoo! Music, Amazon, iTunes, YouTube, VEVO, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, MTV, ClearChannel, MediaBase, AOL, Napster, Microsoft Zune, We Are Hunted, LastFM and many more.

Data provided by Big Champagne is being used by major music companies to make decisions about signing artists and promoting music online and to radio stations.   Broadcasters use Big Champagne to help determine the list of songs performed on commercial radio and music television.

Tamara Conniff is the Founder/Editor of The Comet and a former Billboard Editor-in-Chief and Associate Publisher.  She is a huge fan of the Ultimate Chart:

“This chart is long overdue and represents for the first time an 
accurate view of where popular music is today. Music is not just about sales, it’s about interaction—listening, watching, playlisting, evangelizing and socializing. The Comet will be publishing the Ultimate Chart and using Big Champagne’s data for analysis, prediction, and consumer trends.”

The following chart is an example of how Big Champagne comes up with their figures.  It does seem like a more concise way of measuring celebrity relevance in the entertainment field.

The Ultimate chart is the up and coming way to compare the relevancy of stars.  It is being posted at many of the top music webpages.

I thought a chart that compares some FaceBook and Twitter numbers would help to see the big picture.  The Facebook column is the number of friends and the twitter column is the number of people following the singer.

I have read on many of the Clay Aiken boards that many of his fans are a bit afraid of FaceBook and Twitter.  Well, I think it is time for each of us to get signed up and get counted for supporting Clay.  It doesn’t cost anything and if you are afraid of privacy issues, sign up as whatever name you want and don’t add any information you don’t want to.  And, use it only to support Clay.

If there are those who don’t know how to use the sites, lets set up a “Twitter for Dummies” site and another for FaceBook.  Perhaps someone can host a thread at each board.  AND, if all else fails, send me a message and I will set up something here.

Do you have any suggestions??  Is this something we can work on as a huge group?  If you believe that this information is important, please pass the word around.  Post the chart, copy some of the important facts or, if you have permission, leave a link.  I never ask this, but today, I feel this information should be shared.

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16 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Yes…We Can!!

  1. I'll pass the word. I didn't really realize how important this all is. Glad I'm following Clay on Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. I've heard a lot about Vevo so I will look into that too. Thank you for the great suggestions on how we can support Clay. 🙂

  2. Musicfan this is very interesting information, thanks for keeping us in the loop! I was thinking along the same lines, what we can do across the boards.

  3. musicfan, thanks so much for the information about Big Champagne and Ultimate Chart . This is important information for all Clay fans to know about. I have been using FB and Twitter for along time as my way of promoting Clay to the NJU. I hope that all fans will take advantage of these sources as a way of getting more attention paid to Clay, his music. It takes so little time and has huge rewards for him.

  4. Musicfan…this information is invaluable…It really is important that we get on Clay's Facebook and Twitter….

    I think after 8 years as fans, we have become safe where we are, and don't do these things…but we do need to keep up with the times….I have signed up for both Twitter and Facebook and Clay's Myspace… but I don't use it enought to get the proper usage out of it…I will make a promise to do that…. I sure hope Team Clay sees your report.. I little flyer would be great to hand out after each concert, to people with all the places where you can check Clay out… Marketing!!!!!

  5. Yes, I would love to see more fans of Clay Aiken sign up for twitter and facebook. Try it, you will enjoy it!

  6. Thank you, thank you!! This information is so important. As in every field, things are changing fast and we must adjust.

    I am trying hard to learn about Twitter. Baby steps, but I am there to support Clay. If I can do it, anyone can.

    I really want to say how much I appreciate all the things that you cover here. I have learned a lot and you have made us think!!

  7. I'll do all I can to do my part. Looking forward to the help to get some of us started that aren't comfortable with twitter/facebook. I signed up for twitter, facebook, myspace a long time ago for sole purpose of using it to support Clay.

  8. yes id also would love ta see more clay aiken fans sighn up for twitter and face book please try it ya nev er know ya just might like it and enjoy it

  9. I haven't posted for a bit, but I had to add my thoughts on todays blog.

    I really appreciate all the information that is here. I agree that every bit of this information is important and we need to see what is going on.

    I am active on both FaceBook and Twitter and it doesn't take long to feel comfortable at either place.

    I have so much love for Clay and I want him to be happy and successful. We can help…we just have to stand up and be counted.

    Many thanks for the info.

  10. Hi,
    Thank you for the article. I read about this subject over the weekend on the "Claystreet" forum. They provided some links to sign up on Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter. I thought about it, but wasn't sure — until I read your article this morning. So, after holding off — for so long– I have joined the 21 century. And all thanks to CANN, Claystreet and of course–Clay
    (I have signed up for all three).

  11. Great informative blog, as usual. I love FaceBook but don't frequent Twitter that often. I believe I do follow Clay on both. Haven't been to MySpace in a long time but I'll be sure to check that I follow Clay.

  12. Wow! That chart sure puts a lot into perspective.

    I think Clay has some older fans that just don't use the internet at all and depend on TV/radio/print articles to find out news about him…I have several friends that are fans in this manner.

    But for those of us who DO use the internet, these tools are a great resource to show our support of the man and to keep his name up there with the rest of the music world.

    Thanks! Now………off to support Clay Aiken in any/all ways that I can in addition to buying his CD's and excitedly waiting to see him on tour next month!!

  13. We as fans have got to do better in showing our support with the current social media outlets. Educating ourselves is a very important step and I can always count on CANN to be very informative.

  14. Thank you so much for this blog. I had no idea that the social networking sites were being used but it makes sense. I am comfortable with Facebook and will have to get on the Twitter bandwagon too. I learned so much from your post today. Thanks again.

  15. be on facebook & twitter quite a while & directly following Clay's FB & twitter + share it on my wall.
    It will be nice if Clay is also tweeting… I know tweeting is not his thing…but sure the follower will be more if he does it himself.
    Just a thought … 🙂

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