Clay Aiken – Stepping Up To The Plate For UNICEF

On November 15, 2004, Clay Aiken appeared on Larry King Live for an exclusive interview. This was the night that Clay announced he had been asked by UNICEF to be one of their goodwill ambassadors. His said his focus would be on educational issues, a great fit for Clay who had attended college to become a Special education teacher.

Since this time, Clay has been an active part of UNICEF, visiting many countries, including Indonesia, Somalia, Afghanistan and Mexico.  He also was the National Spokesperson for the 2005 Trick or Treat For UNICEF program, bringing in over $18.25 million.  In 2006, Clay helped light the UNICEF snowflake in New York City.

Today, as we look at the disaster in Japan, it is reassuring to know that UNICEF is again, stepping up to the plate and helping the traumatized children who are victims of a triple play in Japan.

On March 17th, UNICEF announced that the U.S. Fund for UNICEF is raising funds to help children in Japan impacted by the recent earthquake and tsunami.  Because of the unprecedented nature of the epic disaster and its impact on children, resources are going to be critical in helping provide for the very unique needs of children that include education, health, development, protection and other needs that have been compromised or disrupted in the wake of this catastrophe.

The following was posted on the UNICEF website:

UNICEF, together with other UN agencies, will be providing essential services in the days ahead to those affected by the catastrophe in Japan.  The U.S. Fund for UNICEF is raising funds to provide targeted assistance on the fround, where it is needed most.  This assistance will include essential items such as diapers and hygiene kits.  Other supplies will likely include recreational materials and educational items like “school-in-a-box” in preparation for the new school year beginning in early April.

Clay Aiken has many fans in Japan and many other fans that have relatives in Japan.  Those of us who can, need to step up and do whatever we can to help the children of Japan.  Please visit UNICEF and find out how you can help.


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10 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Stepping Up To The Plate For UNICEF

  1. I still can't believe everything that's happening in Japan. My prayerst go out to all those affected by this horrible disaster. I'm glad UNICEF is giving us a way to help.

  2. I am so proud of Clay for work he's done for Unicef, as well as his own foundation. Unicef sent him to many different countries. I have no doubt he'd do everything possible again to go where he's needed again.

  3. I've been wondering if eventually, Clay will go over to Japan. Once things settle down just a bit. Right now it seems the only thing holding back visits, would be the threat of radioactivity in the air and food, water. I feel so bad for everyone over there. It has been such a disaster.

    Clay has always been about giving back, especially to the children. I loved looking at those pictures again… He doesn't do it for the attention, he just does it because it comes from his heart… We all have been watching, but we need to step up to the plate, and do our part…

  4. Clay Aiken has been a wonderful ambassador for UNICEF, I admire him for all he does for the children, because of him I have become more aware and proactive towards the needs of children.

  5. Clayam me too. While I've always been a supporter of UNICEF, Clay's involvement has brought it even closer to my heart.

  6. I am proud of Clay for all he's done with UNICEF. Because of Clay, I have become more aware and alert to the work that UNICEF does around the world. It is mind boggling to see what is happening to the people of Japan now.

  7. UNICEF is such a worthwhile organization. I am so glad they are helping out in Japan and the devastation they are all experiencing there. I am very proud that this is one of the organizations that Clay has donated his time in helping the children in the worst of the worst situations. He and UNICEF have really made a difference.

  8. Clay stands with the best in the worldwide community in the face of disaster. UNICEF has provided him with a platform that he uses wisely.

  9. Clay Aiken has been an important, invaluable ambassador for UNICEF and many children have been fed, innoculated, and housed because of the money he has raised.

  10. I remember that Larry King interview like it was yesterday. Clay Aiken was such a good choice to be a UNICEF ambassador–so very proud of all he has done.

    My heart and prayers go out those in Japan who are suffering.

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