Clay Aiken – May Sweeps Guest

Clay Aiken has appeared on the Tonight Show many times.  On May 11, 2004, Clay was a guest on The Tonight Show.  As a part of May Sweeps, the Show was broadcast from Las Vegas.  Clay chatted with Jay and they discussed:

1.  Clay’s New Years’ Eve costume.

2.  The story of being a car thief.

3.  How Clay wanted to be like Mr. Rogers

4. The latest story in In Touch Magazine about Clay being the loneliest Guy in LA.

The highlight of the evening was hearing Clay perform Solitaire.  He always seems to sing that song from his heart.

I hope we see Clay on The Tonight Show again soon!!

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8 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – May Sweeps Guest

  1. That was fun watching those videos again. Clay is always so funny, and well, he just sang "Solitaire" perfectly.. He always makes a great guest on these shows. Never any dead air time with Clay….he's always got something to say… Thanks CANN for putting these 2 videos up.

  2. I sure miss Clay on the shows like Jimmy Kimmel and Jay Leno. Never a dull moment when you watch him on these shows.

  3. That was an excellent Clay performance of Solitaire. Truly amazing. Plus he sang the longer version.
    Clay's back and forth with Leno was hilarious. I think that he could probably compete with my granddaughter who also talks a mile a minute. Thanks for another great trip down memory lane.

  4. I loved that appearance. He looked like such a beanpole, but the VOICE was so rich and full! I think he looks better now with substance to him. What a handsome man he has become.

  5. Forgot all about that appearance on the Tonight Show. Very young and very thin, but it's always the VOICE!

  6. I miss seeing Clay on the late night talk shows. It's been too long since he's been on. Here's hoping he has an important reason to pay Leno, etc. a visit real soon.

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