Clay Aiken – Do You Have A Favorite?

Congratulations to Clay Aiken and the Drop Dead Diva Team.  It seems that Clay’s role on Drop Dead Diva made the AOL Top 5 TV Moments on Sunday.  We all know that Clay Aiken is talented so it is always nice to see that others feel the same way.


Do You Have A Favorite? 

I love each of these pictures so I will leave it up to you!








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20 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Do You Have A Favorite?

  1. Everything about Clay is my favorite. So I can't pick one picture – They are all my favorite!!!
    It's just hopeless!!

  2. It sure was wonderful to see that DDD made the top 5 list on AOL. That is great news, and I'm sure the folks at DDD are thrilled as well. There was a lot of promotion of this episode. pick a picture? I love all of them, but I must say that I am partial to #6. I loved the Tried & True Tour. Just 2 hours of Clay on stage….well…sounds just about perfect to me. It sure brings back such great memories.

  3. I love Clay's facial features in all the photos, so I'm choosing my favorite based on other criteria.
    Photo #5 has my #1 vote mainly because the suit he is wearing is gorgeous and Clay looks extra special wearing it. I also love the captured swing motion of him while he's singing.
    My second choice is photo #3 because he looks great in it and really appears to be feeling the song. I love when he includes some tug and kick leg action while singing.

    My additional congratulations go to Clay for making the AOL top five TV moments on Sunday. He most certainly deserves the recognition.

  4. How exciting DDD made the top 5 at AOL. All the pictures of Clay are great, but I'll take #2 please 🙂

  5. Congratulations to Clay for making AOL top five……. I always loved Clay with the Beatle type haircut so I pick #1 as my favorite.

  6. Well now all these great pics we've been enjoying lately…..hummmmm…I will have to say # 3 is my fav…this one has always been one of my favorites…I love the shirt tug and was glad to see he brought it back a bit in T&T. Close 2nd is #2… is always hard to pic a favorite from such a great subject. Cookie

  7. That is awesome that DDD made the top 5 at AOL! I agree with everyone who says they love all the pictures, I do too. Although #2 might have to be my twitter background 🙂

  8. After a few hours of study, I settled and 2 and 5. Still can't get it down to one.

    Great news about the AOL placing. Congrats to DDD and Clay Aiken, the actor.

  9. Congratulation to Clay on a great job on DDD,loved it. As far as the photos I have to say Grey Suit black shirt Clay is my favorite. Whoever was dressing him then should be re-hired,he looks amazing.

  10. I was so glad to read that Clay's part on DDD was on the AOL top five! He did a great job! I love all the pics, it is so hard to pick. I do love Clay with lots of stubble though so I guess #5 . But really all are so very good! I don't think that man ever takes a bad picture.

  11. I loved Clay on DDD and hope to see more of him on my tv.

    Difficult choice with the pics, but I''ll go with #7. I love him in a suit jacket, no tie, first couple buttons unbuttoned.

  12. I loved seeing Clay on DDD. I like the show and have watched the previous seasons.
    I love pic #1- the suit and hair, #2 – the suit and hair, #7- the jacket and EYES.
    I confess I like Clay's hair just a little longer. Yep!

  13. No doubt about it…it has to be #5 all the way. He was perfection in that suit on Jay Leno's Show. Clay always brightens up any show he is on. I believe he sang Without You..and it was to die for.

    Great he was on AOL's Top Five. I gave that sight a lot of hits…plus a comment. He has gotten so much publicity just from DDD. Hope he goes back and performs on there again.

  14. #5!
    I remember waiting for him to sing on Leno. It was a wonderful performance of "Without You".
    I'm going to have to go find it and play it again.

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