Clay Aiken – Who Is The Villain?

Just when you think you get to the end of the reviews for last Sundays episode of Celebrity Apprentice, more show up.  So…there are two more I would like to share with you.

I love the first one…be sure and vote!!

Buddy TVWho Is This Season’s Worst Villain?

From the article:

While some of the “villains” of the show have been more obvious (i.e. Lisa Lampanelli and Aubrey O’Day), you could argue that Arsenio Hall and Clay Aiken have been as villainous, but in their own ways. Unlike the women, however, the men have still managed to make themselves likable in the end. Although Arsenio has had some blowups, he cools down and apologizes in the end. You could also argue that Clay’s competitive acts are more calculated — he’s not vindictive but it seems like he does choose the right words to say. He’s also gotten into it with Penn and Lisa.

Who do you think is the worst villain?

You can visit the article at BUDDYTV

Each week,  I always look forward to the article at TV Blend.  Written by Jessica Grabert and Mack Rawden, the article is known for its power ranking.

The entire article has lots of information.  Clay has been at the top of the Power Ranking for a few weeks.  The following is what they say about Clay this week:

#1) Clay Aiken (34): Clay Aiken always plays to his strengths, pinning the clothing stuff this week on Lisa when he knew she would have no chance of excelling. He’s very strategic, and he should win this game. Yet, his tenure against John Rich and Marlee Matlin in the boardroom was a little lackluster. When pushed a little by Mr. Rich, Aiken did not cave, but he also did not provide the well-thought answers I expected of him. Still, he seems to be a bit of a favorite of Trump’s and a shoe-in for the finale. I can’t wait to see if he pulls out those puppet voices again.

Be sure and visit the site to find out who they put in second place.  To visit the site, click on TVBLEND

Just a quick reminder that Dee Snider’ s new album, Dee Does Broadway,  is available today.  You can download the album at either Amazon or i-Tunes.  Of course, if all you want is Luck Be A Lady Tonight, the duet with Clay, you can just download that too.  It is certainly different from what we are used to hearing Clay sing, but it’s lots of fun and Clay’s beautiful voice shines through!

Do you plan on downloading Luck Be A Lady Tonight?




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  1. Yes, I will be buying Dee Does Broadway today, if I can find it in the stores. Otherwise, I will be ordering it at Amazon. Can't wait to hear Clay's Rock voice.

    I don't agree with what TV Blend said about Clay. John Rich never gave him a chance to answer. I thought it was very rude of him. What a one-sided review that was. Anyway, I am glad that they still have him in the #1 spot, where he belongs.

  2. I’m totally getting Luck Be A Lady. Should be good.

    As far as villain I would have to say Aubrey. Lisa was pretty bad but at least she could admit it when Dayana did good. Tough call though.

  3. When I finish reading all the articles on this site, I'm headed to itunes to download LBALT. A completely different type of tune for Clay to perform. Glad he is friends with Dee and especially Arsenio.

  4. I downloaded Luck Be A Lady first thing this morning and I really like it. It shows a different side of Clay's voice and also shows he really can sing anything.

    As far as villians on TCA, I think Clay is assertive to get his point across.He was not aggressive as some of the others are. I would not consider Clay a villian at all.

    As far as the John Rich interview., we don't know what was edited out. I think Clay can stand up to anyone and express his views if the other person allows him to.

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