Clay Aiken – Joyful Noise Tour in Clearwater Info Added

Check out the video and pictures at the end of this blog.  They are amazing!

Day Three – Joyful Noise Tour 2012

Clearwater, Florida

I will add information, pictures and videos when they are posted!

According to someone who was at the Clearwater concert:

Clay was talking about things that he had done that prevented him to tour at Christmas.  He  mentioned Celebrity Apprentice and someone in the audience yelled out “You should have won.”  Clay said “Yeah, I should have!”

From twitter

Michael Orland is the pianist for American Idol.  Someone asked him for his favorite Christmas Song.  He answered:

Michael Orland ‏@MichaelOrland
@alyisluckyace I have 2. “Don’t Save it All For Christmas Day” thx to @clayaiken. The other “Merry Christmas Darling” by Karen Carpenter


Right After the concert, Clay answered a beautiful tweet:

You are too. Thanks. RT @bnygrl_btrcup: @clayaiken There are no words for how wonderful you were 2nite. You are loved<3

Some reports from Clearwater:

  1. The venue held 650 and it was full
  2. Stage was very small, but OK
  3. Called Quiana about a word in Merry Christmas With Love
  4. Almost ½ of the audience had never been to a Clay Aiken concert before
  5. On the way out, a lady asked where she could get Clay’s CD, MCWL
  6. He brought the roof down with his wonderful singing


From the musicans:

The following are fan pictures from irishbookgal and deemer

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6 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Joyful Noise Tour in Clearwater Info Added

  1. Oh, to live it Florida right now!!
    I love hearing about these concerts. Didn't think it was possible to improve on perfection–but, I believe he HAS!!!

  2. Clay is such a great entertainer. I love how he laughs at himself. Plus no one can sing Christmas songs like Clay either…so you have the whole package with him. Can't wait to see him next week in Verona, then Detroit.

  3. clay aiken is a wonderfull entertainer i also love how he laughs at him self and i wil also say that clay can sing christmas sons like no other singer can so now you have this package this hole package with him a yes to be in floridia i miss florida

  4. These photos (exp the first one by irishbookgal) and videos are such teases as to what is to come when I see Clay in person in a couple of weeks. I'm going with my cousin who has never been to a Clay concert. What a treat she has in store!

  5. The pictures are amazing (all of them)!!! Funny video – – so Clay!!! LOL I love when he cracks himself
    up!! Love to see that head thrown back and the hearty laughter that erupts! Waiting – impatiently – for

  6. OMGosh, what a wonderful blog — thank you, thank you, for the comments and tweets and pix and vid, wow. Yeah, he is the best entertainer I've ever seen in person, personality and wit and voice — as Clayitagain says so well, "the whole package" — and I've seen quite a few…

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