Clay Aiken – Musikfest Sold-Out

Musikfest Cafe

Day 8 Joyful Noise Tour

Musikfest – Bethlehem, PA


It is early to get reports back from Bethlehem, PA.  So far, all I have heard is that it was sold out, that Clay put on a fabulous show and there was a lot of fun joking between Clay and the audience.  Of course I will share more when it comes in.

Matt Smith, a photographer/reporter with The Express Times posted some wonderful pictures at   They are wonderful.  I cannot post them here without permission so go to LEHIGH to see the pictures.

The following is from one of the orchestra members:

Tony Gairo ‏@TonyGairo
I really enjoyed playing with @clayaiken tonight. He has a sharp wit, plays a great show & sings his ass off.

The lovely MagicalMusic attended the concert at the Musikfest Cafe.  Here are a few things she reported:

1.  The venue had chairs on the main level and on the 2nd level there were tables with people eating. Early in the show Clay commented about the people on the 2nd level and asked how were they able to get food. They said they paid for the food and then Clay joked with the rest of us for being cheap and not getting a seat where we could buy food. Later during the show he looked up to the 2nd level and said something like “Throw down some crumbs you rich people.”

2.  There was snow falling from the ceiling during “Don’t Save It All For Christmas Day”. It was really nice.

3.  There were several people there from the local newspaper. Clay told them they better write a “kick ass” review.

4.  The orchestra really seemed to be enjoying themselves tonight. One of the musicians in the back dropped something or knocked something over making a notable sound. Clay said something like we lost a musician and oh well, one less pay check I have to write.

 From the talented Deemer:

Look for the RED UPDATE.  I will add info as it comes in!

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7 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Musikfest Sold-Out

  1. Aww shoot! I can't see the pictures posted musicfan. Dreadful red x's. The video was LOVELY however!!!!! He is amazing, isn't he! My own 3 shows were NOT enough!!! I LOVE him!

    ETA. Saw the pictures! thanks musicfan!

  2. That was wonderful, so appreciative of the fans who did the videos of the concerts, I enjoyed them and look forward to more, Clay does a wonderful job, as i said before i wish i could be there. Thanks Musicfan xox.

  3. Ha Ha. These pictures are right profile and we can't see how that zit on the left cheek is doing! No one else has such cute zits.

  4. Pictures are great and so is the video – I love him singing that song – so much love and tenderness!
    He IS really AMAZING!!! Thanks Musicfan and all that take pictures and video – it's all a beautiful
    Christmas gift!!!

  5. The concert was absolutely wonderful. Clay was sooo funny with his quick witted banter with the audience. The venue was nice and I had an awesome seat.

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