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Do you remember what you were doing in February, 2008?  I have to think hard to remember all that I was doing then, but for some reason, I don’t have any trouble remembering what Clay Aiken was doing that February.

Clay was starring on Broadway in Spamalot.  I would imagine that Clay remembers too!

According to, Spamalot  played a total of 35 previews and 1,574 regular performances.  The show grossed over $175,000,000 and was seen by more than two million people. The musical recouped its entire investment in under six months.

One of the things I enjoyed about Spamalot was that almost all of the main stars played more than one role during the play.  It was interesting to see the actors change personalities so quickly during the performance.

Clay played the role of Sir Robin, a Knight of the Roundtable.  Ironically called “Sir Robin the Brave,”  he couldn’t be more cowardly.  He joined the Knights for the singing and dancing.

Clay had a few other roles to play:

1st Sentry – a smart man whose post was in a tower.

Brother Maynard – a long winded monk.

Swamp Castle Guard – a rather slow fellow who seemed to have trouble understanding what he was supposed to do!

The following pictures show the characters that Clay played in Spamalot.

1st Sentry

Robin - Before he became a Knight

Sir Robin

Brother Maynard

Swamp Castle Guard



 Which Character was your favorite?

What moment in the show made you laugh the most?


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14 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Playing More Than One Role

  1. Oh how I wished I could have gone to NYC to see this play! Never made it so had to live through clack. He was outstanding in the show! I was so impressed!!! Wonder what he's going to do NEXT???

  2. I could never decide which character Clay performed was my favorite. I saw Spamalot more than once and each time, I found Clay performed flawlessly. He's perfect for Broadway! My most favorite show was the night of February 10, when I was picked from the audience for the Peasant Person award. I was completely shocked.
    I barely remember being escorted up to the stage by the character, Patsy, who brought me across the stage to Clay! Of course I went into the "fog" and its all a blur to this day, but I do remember looking into those green eyes while he was on bended knee singing to me. Clay, come back to Broadway…..soon!

  3. I love that we are talking about Spamalot here because I am seeing the show on tour next Saturday! Of course, it won't be the same without Clay and his humor, but thanks to him, I have found a funny show to enjoy! 🙂

  4. Sounded wonderful! wish i'd been there, he did a great job acting and singing, he should definitely be on Broadway again. Love all the photos but maybe #1,2 and Finale. Thanks Musicfan xox.

  5. I saw Spamalot numerous times, and thoroughly enjoyed each and every showing. Clay was so wonderful in all his roles, but I liked Sir Robin the best, and cared the least for Brother Maynard, probably because he behaved and looked the least like Clay. I loved when Clay sang the song that was about needing a Jew to succeed on Broadway. That was just adorable. And his leg-kicking scene, that was great also. Oh, how I wish he were back on Broadway!

  6. sounded great i wish i could have been there to hear clay singing and acting he should inded be on broadway again ilove the photos thank you music fan xoox

  7. I loved Clay in Spamalot in all the roles he played. I think Robin would be my favorite since he played that part the longest in the play. That was such a wonderful time. I loved that he would put his own spin on the roles , changing a little each night. I hope Clay goes back to Broadway one day. He was marvelous there.

  8. I loved it when as 1st sentry Clay went on about the coconuts. But the best part was when Clay played the piano, danced and sang about Broadway. And of course the finale was the icing on the cake. I drove up to see Spamalot in April (to celebrate my B-day) and again in Oct. There were some women there who had seen it 16 times!

  9. l loved each one for very different reasons…
    The Tower Sentry for the accent and intelligence.
    Sir Robin for the singing and dancing.
    Brother Maynard for the SURPRISE – I didn't know it was him at first!
    Not So Bright Guard for the laughs.

  10. I love them all but Sir Robin the most. I didnt recognize him as Maynard either. Have only seen Spamalot on clack.THANK YOU CLACKERS!.I wish I did have the money and physical ability to go to all of Claybear's shows. I am going to try my best to make it to the next NIP GALA<

  11. Oh my word! I have never been to a Broadway play before. I had no idea who Clay was in 2008 but I would love to see him do something on the stage again. I've seen some of the video and am just flabbergasted at the serious talent this man possesses! Goodness! I wonder if her really knows just how talented he truly is? Anyway, #3 pic is stunning…look at those cheekbones and those lips!!! He has really great facial features 🙂 Love it!!!

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