Clay Aiken – I Have A Bunch of Hoodies!


How many “Hoodies” does Clay Aiken own?? It seems that he has an unending supply. For many years, fans have supplied Clay with the colorful, warm sweatshirts and it seems that they are a very popular part of his casual wardrobe. If we posted a picture of every “Hoodie”, the blog would go on for ever and ever. So…some have been chosen to represent Clay’s favorite outerwear.

Do you see a familiar one?

Which one do you like??














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12 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – I Have A Bunch of Hoodies!

  1. The UConn hoodie….little biased to that one because that's my home state and also the same hoodie Clay had on when I met him back in 2011! lol

  2. Every single thing about Clay is extremely likeable (lovable) !! Hoodies, smiles, eyes, nose, and
    especially his great big "HEART" ! OH! Yes, his voice, and I can't forget his hair!!! What else – – Yes,
    the way he looks straight through you – – how does he do that??!! <3 🙂

  3. How so I pick just one!? #2 is Clay back at the beginning of his music career. Fun to see. #4 the white Carolina hoodie is Clay still in his makeup at the stage door after Spamalot with a mob of fans. How far he had come by that time.

  4. Clay does have a good many hoodies and it is fun to see which ones he wears the most. Being from Nebraska , I guess I should say I like it best. I really don't though. I like the one in #6 and the 2 from North Carolina in the light blue and white.

  5. This was a very difficult choice to make. My number one favorite is #4, the white Carolina hoodie. It fits Clay really well and looks great with his dark hair color. Second choice is #8, the burgundy with Burberry material hood insert. It is unique and styling with a good fit. Other runners up are #1, the Conn. navy hoodie which also looks good with his dark hair, and #9,the purple hoodie because I love the color on him. Whew! Hoodies do seem to be the preferred choice of Clay's for his casual and relaxed time away from appearances and performances.

  6. I like them all butmthe all light blue NC hoodie is so pretty.of course then person wearing the hoodie matters a lot. when he was on GMA sitting on a stool Clay looked like an adorable gnome.

  7. It's a tie between the purple and the burgundy/Burberry hoodie. So sweet of a fan to make the custom Burberry one for him. Clay looks adorable in all of them. 🙂

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