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On Monday, Clay Aiken tweeted a message for UNICEF

According to the UNICEF website:


Syrian children will suffer through another cold winter, and UNICEF is raising funds to provide them warm winter clothing, including 100,000 kits for Syrian children throughout the region.

UNICEF prepared refugee children and their families for the onset of last year’s cold season by installing heaters and water boilers in the camps, providing heated winter tents for use as classrooms and distributing blankets and clothing packages. The humanitarian effort is much more challenging this winter given a tenfold increase in the number of Syrian child refugees — from 70,000 to more than 1 million — in less than a year….

…Help keep Syria’s children warm this winter.

I am so glad that Clay still works with UNICEF.  They do so much good for children all over the world. is a theatre resource featuring news, message boards, video previews, show information, photos and biographies. It is the  undisputed leader, and most comprehensive theater resource. is the GO-TO INSIDER GUIDE, for everything Broadway and live theatre – wherever you are.

On Monday, The Ogunquit Playhouse posted the following on their Facebook page about a Broadwayworld contest.

Ogunquit Playhouse
Did you fall in love at Ogunquit Playhouse this season? Nominate your favorite actor, actress, musical, choreography, dance and vocal performance and more for a Award! Nominations are open from now until October 31, followed by voting in November. Thank you in advance for your supporting – spread the word! Click the link to submit you nomination:

This is a fill-in ballot so it is pretty easy to vote.  Somehow I can think of some people to nominate.  I loved Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.  If you feel the same, make sure you put it in the category of musical, not play.  I also voted for the best ensemble as the brothers were really amazing.  The following are a few others that were involved in the musical:

Clay Aiken played Joseph

Bill Nolte played Jacob and the Baker.

Craig Laurie played Reuben and the Butler.

Matthew Ragas was Pharoah.

Jayme McDaniel was Director and Choreogrpher

Set Design: Robert Andrew Kovach

Lighting: Richard Latta

Sound: Adam Shubert

Of course, if you have a different favorite musical or star, vote for your favorite.  These are only suggestions.

I have one more favor to ask of you.  As many of you know, CANN has both a twitter account and a Facebook account.    I am a numbers person so I watch the totals each day.  We are so close to some pretty amazing numbers:

Twitter – we have 2,990 followers  We are  Clay Aiken News  @ClayNewsNetwork

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If you like the sites, I would hope you might add your follow or like to our pages.

Thank you for your support!

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8 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – By the Numbers

  1. I voted like a fiend on that site! For the ensemble I voted for the whole musical cos I thought the whole CAST was amazing!!

    I believe I follow you on Facebook, and probably on Twitter! Keep up the good work musicfan…cos it's so appreciated!!!

  2. I saw Clay's tweet for Unicef. So glad he still is with them…he is a man to be respected. I will have to get on this site and vote. Of course, I will be voting for Clay for Joseph and his co-workers. Hope he wins!

  3. Just did my Clay patriotic duty and voted away!! I am willing to bet tons of folks are going to be nominating the cast of Joseph! It was phenomenal!
    Thanks for the link Musicfan!!

    I follow on FB and Twitter! 🙂

  4. Voted!! I love Clays tweet for UNICEF. The situation is just terrible in Syria. I’m glad to help .

    Following CANN on twitter and Facebook! :). (Clay also)

  5. I am so glad that Clay is still working with UNICEF in getting information out about the heartbreaking situation in Syria – over 1 million children. I will be making a donation and I hope lots of folks who are able to will also. Even giving a small amount could save a child's life.
    I will vote on the poll for the playhouse. Thanks for listing the names, I did not see it and so did not have the names within easy reach to find. From all I have heard, the show was fabulous and I am so glad Clay did it and made some good friends along the way,
    I do believe I follow you on Facebook and Twitter, but I must admit I am not good on Twitter. I will have to look into that more. Thanks for all the information today.

  6. Hi Musicfan, can you post a direct link to CANN's facebook page and twitter? Just makes it easier to get there and LIKE. I follow you on twitter, not sure about facebook. 😀 Would be nice to sync your twitter feed here too if it doesn't take up too much resources.

  7. It would be great for you to put a direct link for us computer illiterate , it would be easier for us. Thank you,,,

  8. If you are on the blog page (not the e-mail), you will see the link to bot the Twitter and Facebook pages for CANN. You can see the icons right next to CANN Radio. Just click on the icon and it will take you right there. I will Deona about syncing (sp) our twitter feed. It might be we would have to delete something else..Deona is the expert and will know.

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