Clay Aiken Tackles The Duck Dynasty

Arsenio Hall tweeted about Clay’s interview.


Clay Aiken is so articulate…he has so much to give to the world!

The following are some screen caps from the show – Big thanks to lindylo

If you want to see the show, there are different parts of the show on Arsenio’s website.

Clay’s song is there and the skit is there.  However, the entire interview is not there, just a portion of it.

You can see it at


Be sure and click on the Song, the interview, and Tiffany Haddish( for the skit).

I know there will be lots to think about from Clay’s interview.  Please feel free to discuss it here.

I still haven’t seen it yet so I will not comment until tomorrow.

My only thought is that I am a huge fan of Clay Aiken and I am pleased that he seems to be happy and excited about his future!


WOW…I  haven’t even seen the show yet!

West coast time!!

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6 thoughts on “Clay Aiken Tackles The Duck Dynasty

  1. LOVED the show. Had to shut it off after Clay's wonderful skit! We still don't know exactly what he is going to be doing but it was wonderful to see/hear him talk and of course SING! New song for us! Wish it was the longer version but I'll take what I can get! Cool tall glass of water on that stage! Just YUMMY!!

  2. I am not a fan of Arsenio's show, but I did love seeing Clay last night. Clay seems to be concentrating on NIP, UNICEF & GLSEN for the future. I'm sure it is difficult to make a record, go on tour or do almost anything else without the backing of a label. I wish the best for Clay with whatever may be in his future.

  3. I am stuck on Clay after yesterday's drop dead gorgeous appearance. I am done for, the man has it all, voice, heart, brains, looks – quadruple threat. Looking forward to a new year and whatever comes next for Clay. 😀 Love him to bits.

  4. I love the bromance between Clay and Arsenio. It is for real. Arsenio talks about a personal weakness re public take on his friendship with Clay. Those two are really friends: humor, grit, compassion, challenges, HONESTY and above all, mutural RESPECT. Big thanks to Arsenio for booking Clay in time for Christmas. What a great present! And I got to be at the taping and see Clay sing TWICE because of an audio glitch (wish he and Arsenio had continued with the duet though, like they did with Lean On Me because Arsenio is actually quite a good singer (and I think Clay strained his voice on that second take – but I may be wrong).

  5. i am stuck on clay amazing performance and singing and verry drop dead handsome apperence on the arsanio hall show last night and those 2 are friends im not a fan of arsineo hall it was nice of clay to talk to arsineo about the folowing things nip and unicef and glenson and as far as the duck dinasty problem clay told us how he felt about that

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