Clay Aiken – A Different Stage

Ten years ago, Clay Aiken said that it was important that he make a difference in the world. Each year, he never stopped trying. Today, with the rumored announcement that Clay will be running for the US House of Representatives, he is taking just another step on that exciting path.

Personally, I could not be more proud of Clay and I am excited that he wants to…”leave the ground”… and “fly”.  I will continue to support him in any way that he wishes!

The rumors that Clay is actively considering a bid to represent North Carolina’s 2nd congressional district in the U.S. House hit the Internet on Thursday evening.  The website, Washington Blade was the first to publish the rumor.  Written by Chris Johnson, the author did not name their sources, however, the writer seemed to have made every attempt to verify the rumors.

Johnson said:

The sources, which spoke on condition of anonymity, said the 35-year-old Raleigh native has taken initial steps for a run, including consulting with political operatives in Washington, D.C., about a bid for the seat.

One Democratic source said Aiken made phone calls to gauge support, talked to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and has met with figures in Raleigh, N.C., about a potential bid. Although it’s unclear when Aiken might formally announce a decision, the source said Aiken is “actively considering” it and “sounding and acting like a candidate.”

Please read the entire article.  It is well written and interesting.  You can find it at WASHINGTONBLADE

Following the Blade article, many different sites published the rumored information.  The following are just a few of the Internet articles.

From Gawker.comGet Ready For Congressman – Clay Aiken

…But if Aiken does run, he might represent the perfect politician in a post-gay marriage America. For the Democrats, he’s a charismatic entertainer who would be visible proof that gays can be parents, too. For Republicans, he would be an Acceptable Homo: a rural boy who even middle-aged evangelical Christian couples have fond memories of…

From The Raw Story American Idol’ runner-up Clay Aiken mulls bid to represent North Carolina in House

…The seat had been controlled by Democrats prior to the Republicans winning it in 2010, and because of its history, is considered by many to be a “winnable seat.” The filing deadline for the primary is February 28, with the primary itself scheduled for May 6.

Although Aikens is best known for his star turn on American Idol, in later years he has used his celebrity to call attention to causes he believes in, including the National Inclusion Project and the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network.

It is almost midnight here and at this time, there is at least 25 articles about the political rumor. Most of the articles are quoting Chris Johnson at the Washington Blade, however, as always, there are some sites that write trash.  How sad!

One of Clay’s long-time fans said the following:

Clay has two great gifts, the passion for service and the energy to do it. As has been mentioned so many times, singing was just a means to an end. He’s been driven by this since day one, so the news today is really no great surprise. It’ll take him far I think, and enable him to do things others dream of.

Just think…this might be Clay’s new stage!

 Each house of Congress occupies half of the building (divided by the Chambers in the middle). Pictured here is the U.S. House of Representatives (on the other side is the Senate)

Turning 180 degrees around from the steps of the Capitol you look out over the National Mall with the Washington Monument standing proudly at the other end.

This information certainly has hit the Internet quickly.  At this time, it has not been verified, however, it is something to get everyone thinking.  I believe that it will be a very big story in the next few hours.  CANN will be watching the news and I will report it here as soon as I can.  Please check here throughout the day for updates!

So…what do you think?

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8 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – A Different Stage

  1. I'm so excited!! What a Congressman Clay would be – well versed in U.S. history and politically knowledgeable; a personable and persuasive speaker; one who is fair, truthful, and energetic; and a man of faith, wisdom, and integrity. Clay would certainly strive to serve this country first and foremost. We desperately need men and women exactly like him to get Congress moving productively once again and to regain international respect!

  2. Oh no, this can't be true. But then, it sounds like this may be just what he was hinting at. I'm not happy with this news, but I guess its what he wants to do. Clay and I are on opposite sides of the political fence, but all the same, I wish him well in whatever course he pursues. I will miss the sound of that magnificent voice.

  3. OMG. I mourned the singing for about 3 seconds then started thinking about this new avenue – as musicfan put it, 'a different stage' and am beaming with pride and excitement! He is one brave brave and extremely intelligent man. Clay always lights the way, I eagerly await confirmation. Will have to learn all about US politics and politics in general now! On a super shallow and selfish note, I will be happy as long as he is going to be as well groomed as in the AH show and be on the news/TV. 😀

  4. I was already excited and happy with my upcoming move the North Carolina….now I am even more excited! I hope I can get there in enough time to work on his campaign and help him get elected! I hope this rumor is true!

    What an amazing, smart, honest, down to earth and all around "good guy" to represent my adopted home state!

    I am however nervous as heck for Clay. Dirty politics=skeletons in the closet and digging up dirt. The fact that he is openly gay is going to come into play more now than ever. It's already leading off most of the articles/comments I have seen. The press/public are going to be mean-I am sure Clay can handle it but it still stings! I tend to fight back when ppl say terrible things about him. He is a great guy and doesn't deserve most of what is said about him.

    What also worries me is the backing the Duck Doofus got when he said horrible things about gays. Some of the comments were so awful-they made me cry!! Some agreed with him and even started a petition to support him. People are very narrow minded and mean.

    On the other hand-historically candidates are handsome, sexy and smart, based on that CLAY WINS!

  5. I think Clay would be excellent in politics and bring a new perspective to the position. He is intelligent. compassinate for children and others and knows how to work with people he may not agree with. The Celebrity Apprentice showed that. If that is his decision I certainly wish him well. I feel sad that he would not be in entertainment ,but I am grateful for the 10years that I have been able to hear that tremendous voice. In politics the whole country has the opportunity to hear a different voice from him. I think he wants to make a difference and in politics he has the chance to help so many people.

  6. This is great news, Clay would make a wonderful rep for NC, I guess this would be his next venture, I wish him all the best and may God bless him in this new task when it gets confirmed. Thanks musicfan for the post, we've been anticipating news about Clay. At least we still have his music.

  7. I am not a bit surprised by this announcement. When Clay said that he was going to make changes in 2014 I immediately wondered if he was getting into politics. He has made statements in the past about his disappointment in some of the laws that have been passed in N.C. I'd vote for him if I could.

  8. Wow! I don’t know what I feel. Of course I support Clay and I know he is truly sincere in his goals and intelligent enough to make things happen. I’m just sad to think of no more music or no more roles in theater. I certainly will wish him the best! Guess we wait for the official word to see what this all means.

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