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Clay Aiken – A Fascinating and Challenging Day!


It is Friday…the day after One Fine Day for Clay Aiken!

I hope Clay returned home last night with a sense of accomplishment  and a realization that hard work can result in amazing things!

And, although the day was fascinating and challenging, it was a Wonderful Day!

It is late and I have already posted a lot during the day so now  I will be posting some pictures and keep the chatter for another time.

Officially filed  paperwork!

Yogurt Meeting

Democratic precinct meeting in Apex.

Just Because It’s Nice!

I do hope you saw all the information on Thursday.  There were 5 different blogs on Thursday – an important day.

What do you think of these pictures?

The screen caps were all done by Cotton – Many thanks!

I hope you will check in again tomorrow.  Hopefully there will be lots of news.  As always, I will post the info ASAP!

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