Clay Aiken – A Spectacular Way To Start A Campaign

Wednesday, February 5, was a truly amazing day for Clay Aiken.  With the help of his political team of advisors, Clay started his run for Congress in a spectacular way.  From his early morning video, his numerous live TV interviews, and the thousands of articles, Clay came across as an intelligent and caring man who wants to make a difference.

A few day ago,  I thought that there were many Clay Aiken mentions on Google…I was wrong.  As I write this, Google shows that Clay Aiken has 132,000,000 mention and articles on Google!

There is so much information that I can only report on a small bit of what is going on.  The following are some excerpts from a few interesting articles.  I will always give you a link to the entire article.

Huff Post – Politics:  Clay Aiken: Congress Could Learn A Thing Or Two From ‘American Idol’

…In his interview with HuffPost, Aiken also went after Ellmers for last year’s government shutdown, lamenting that in the current Congress, politics seem to be a zero-sum game. He drew upon his experience on “American Idol” and in the music industry as an example of how relations could be more productive.

“I hate to use an ‘American Idol’ analogy because that’s not who I am … but for me to win ‘Idol,’ I didn’t have to trip Ruben on stage. I didn’t make him look bad,” he said. “And people are spending more time in D.C. trying to make their opponent look bad than they are actually doing good stuff. For me to be successful on ‘Idol,’ I just had to do my very best. And if I did my very best, it would pay off for me. And if politicians, regardless of the party, would go up to D.C. and do their very best, you would see that effect for everyone in the country.”…

…Aiken is a supporter of the Employment Non-Discrimation Act, which would bar workplace discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. Although the legislation passed the Senate last year and has bipartisan support in the House, Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) has shown no willingness to bring it up for a vote. With Obama vowing to be more aggressive in using his executive authority to bypass a deadlocked Congress, many lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights groups have been calling on the president to sign a non-discrimination order covering federal contractors.

Aiken said he believes his district is supportive of ENDA, but he was skeptical whether an executive order would be a good idea…

You can read the entire article by Amanda Terkel at HUFFPOST

Politics – North Carolina:  Clay Aiken For Real by Thomas Mills

Hats off to Clay Aiken and his political team. In a few short hours, they took a campaign that could have easily become little more than the butt of late night jokes and made it a contender, at least for the Democratic nomination for Congress in North Carolina’s 2nd Congressional District. As one friend on Facebook posted, “When you quit giggling, and before you dismiss Clay Aiken running for Congress, U better take a look at this.” 

The introductory video is powerful and Clay nails it. In a single five minute take, Aiken let’s us know he has a story, a message, real world experience, humility and smarts. And that’s in addition to name recognition and a built-in fan base…

…Today was a good day for Clay Aiken. He made the world take notice of his campaign and forced people to start to take him seriously. Now, he needs to turn the goodwill and kudus he earned today into money and votes.

There will be tougher days to come, though. His celebrity will likely mean he has less room for error. The press and his opponents will be watching closely. Every misstep, no matter how small, will be amplified…


Click on POLITICS to read the entire article.

There are thousands more articles…but there are also some wonderful live video interviews.

Be sure and click on MSNBC to see a great video interview with  Lawrence O’Donnell.

There is another video interview at FOX46

CNN has Clay’s interview with Brooke Baldwin

Oh…and one more thing.  Be sure and visit Clay’s new Twitter page and follow him.  Those numbers are important!  You can find it at TWITTER

I am sure there will be more interviews, articles, tweets, and pictures.  I will post them here as soon as I can.  Please stop back to see all the exciting news.

How do you think Clay’s campaign went on the first day? 


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  1. I think Clay and his advisors did a magnificent
    job!! The opening video showed a caring, passionate
    Candidate, who wants to truly speak for
    the people that don't have the opportunity
    to so for themselves. I'm sure he will be a fantastic
    Congressman !!!

  2. He had me up with his tweets around 5 a.m. yesterday morning. Now WHO in the world would be sending tweets that EARLY?? When I finally rolled out of bed I looked. He was FINALLY announcing his bid for a run as congressman! Then the day began! So proud. Go Clay Go!!!!

  3. His video, interviews, and all the articles were brilliant. Couldn't ask for anything more. Most of the readers' comments were also very positive.

  4. Clay's first day was "spectacular" to say the least!! He really did put it all out there in Clay AIken
    Style! Very impressive and he had me busy very early in the day!!! So many articles and reports –
    WOW! He will need a high energy level to keep all of this going – – God bless him!!! <3

  5. Yes, it certainly was a spectacular way for Clay to start his campaign, we are so proud of him, what a great speaker, just love the man so much for the kind of person he is, he can do so much good if he gets in Congress, way to go clay. Thanks Musicfan for the great videos.

  6. What an astonishing, fabulous day! And Clay finished it off perfectly by absolutely killing on Lawrence O'Donnell. What a guy!

  7. clays first day of campaing for congress was spectactular styile is indeed verry impresave i am so proud of clay i just love him so much for the amazing kind person that clay aiken is hes smart he knows he is geting the point across he can do alot if clay gets into congress

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