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There were mentions of Clay Aiken on the internet on Monday.  They included mentions of his stops on the campaign trail and there was even a fun post from the past.

Clay traveled through District 2 and stopped in the town of Dunn which is in Harnett County.  Paul Long posted on Facebook about Clay’s visit there:

Paul Long

Clay Aiken came to Harnett County today and dropped in at Kim’s in Dunn for lunch. He had a good time talking to folks eating lunch and he enjoyed the BBQ and hushpuppies as well. Carlyli came out and talked to him and he told Clay how long he had been in business and how he thought a lot of Rufus Edmisten and Dennis Wicker. I told him how long I had been coming to his restaurant for political events and it was the place to be seen when running for office. Then Clay went to Tart’s Produce and like myself he was amazed at the variety of canned jelly’s and Jams available and all the wonderful fresh produce. People were excited to see him.

Clay with Paul Long

Later in the day, Clay met some other interested people:

Valerie Foushee ‏ With @clayaiken at the Carolina Preserve Democratic Club Meet and Greet. #movingNCforward

He even got to see a friend from the restaurant!

Zembria Walker Today was a special day I ran into my good friend Clay Aiken who is also running for Congress. Good luck to my friend in November elections…….. — feeling loved.

Patricia Foxx Look who I ran into!…Clay Aiken!!


Nancy Miller Martin wrote a new blog about Clay on blueNC:

Blog – They know Clay Aiken in northern Virginia

Just got back from a five-day trip to NoVa/DC. I was there for a big birthday party that my son-in-law was giving for my daughter. One of their friends (my daughter had already told me that he was a Democrat) started talking to me. I had met him before and knew he was one of the favorites in the neighborhood……and everybody thinks he is super smart. He asked what district I was in in North Carolina. I told him District 2, and so he asked me who was running in the district, When I told him it was Clay Aiken, he gave me a big high five. Then he announced to everyone that I was supporting Clay Aiken who was an all around super star. Then he said. “and his opponent is Renee Ellmers who told the Congress that they needed to dumb down their message so women could understand. “District 2” meant nothing, but the names meant everything. He didn’t have Renee’s statement exactly right, but close enough. I knew he very aware. I wanted to pass the hat, but it wasn’t my house or my party. Some of the neighbors were Republicans (yes, I behaved). I have this to say to them..If he is one of the favorites in the neighborhood and the smartest…why aren’t you a Democrat?

On another note, he wanted to know if Clay ever sang anymore, and I told him that he did not, but he made an exception at a retirement center. I told him the story, and then he said, “What song did he sing?” He was very impressed. Makes me know he has kinda kept up with Clay Aiken.

Well, then what happened? Brad came and he started talking to him.

Be sure and visit this site. Nancy needs to know that we are reading her blog.  BLUENC


Alt Disney World posted an interesting set of pictures on Monday.

40 photos of celebrities visiting Disney Parks from 2000-2005

 Ever since opening Disneyland, The Walt Disney Company has had a long tradition of attracting celebrities.
Over the years, thousands of celebrities and politicians have visited Disney Parks around the world. Here is a look at 40 celebrities visiting Disney Parks from 2000 to 2005.
The site can be found at: ALTDISNEYWORLD
I can’t wait to see where Clay takes us all today!!
 Hope you will join us!

It’s been 9 years!!

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5 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – This and That!

  1. What a great post today. So much information and lots of good photos. Thanks for keeping us up on all things Clay.

  2. Looks like Clay sure was busy yesterday!!!! Love reading all the posts from people that are hearing about him. Buzz, Buzz, Buzz. Love the pics!!! Thanks Musicfan.

  3. Clay is very smart, but I believe his major attribute is being a people person. Reaching out to his constituents and taking the time to meet them one-by-one allows individuals to evaluate Clay as a Congressional runner and to feel the intensity he has for bettering his district. I also believe he emanates trust. The strategy that Clay has laid out for himself is certainly a demanding task. I’d love to know how many miles he has traveled by the end of his campaign!!!

    Thanks, musicfan, for your daily dedication to keeping us informed of Clay’s campaign and for the countless and wonderful photos that highlight each day!!!

  4. clay is verry amazing what a verry great poast about clay and so ,much information and lotsof those great photos thanks so mu

    wow clay was a busy man yesterday i see ido love the reading of poasts from the people that are hearing ab

    what a verry great poast clay is indeed a smart man so much information and lots of wonderfull photos thanks so much music fan clay for congress


    ch on

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