Clay Aiken – Always Something New!!

On Thursday, Social Media came to life.  We learned through Facebook and Twitter that Clay Aiken was in London.  Now, doesn’t that make you a bit jealous?  I would love to be there!!

In the late afternoon, Thursday, an interesting tweet and Instagram was posted by Trenyce:

Guess who’s in and surprised me at my show tonight?!

What a great picture of two talented people who look gorgeous!

Trenyce has been in London for a few years now.  According to BoxOfficeBloggers:

In 2010 Trenyce joined Thriller Live in the Westend and also has been involved with the tour in Europe as well. The show currently running at the Lyric Theatre has been wowing audiences since it opened back in 2007.
Trenyce brings amazing energy to the stage each night where you just want to get up and dance along. Her performance of The Way You Make Me Feel is just incredible. Trust me if you haven’t seen the show already go book a ticket now.

I am sure that it was fun for Clay to see Trenyce in her show and get to take some time to catch up!

Clay…I’m sure you know London well, but there are a few places you just have to visit.

  1.  The British Museum – You just have to see The Rosetta Stone.  Just stop and look.  It’s such an amazing part of history.
  2. Covent Gardens – Just walk around and people watch.  Be sure and go into the main building and listen to the musicians who play each day while people dine.  It’s different everyday and you can just stand and listen. 
  3. Check out the food market in Harrods.  It is amazing…room after room after room!!  Of course, you will be broke when you leave the store, but it is worth seeing!

Clay…Have a wonderful time in London and enjoy every moment!  There is always something fun to do!!


There was another great story on Twitter today too!  A young man contacted Clay with an amazing story told in 4 tweets.  I will put the 4 tweets together:

When I was 4, I turned down an audition that we flew out to California for because I didn’t want to say that I loved hot wheels.

Purely by coincidence, walking down Hollywood boulevard later that day. We came across the set for a Clay Aiken music video

He chose me to be in his video without even knowing I was an actor. He hung out with us for a while on set and in between shots

And that’s the story of how me and my mom had our 3 seconds of fame with 😂

Clay answered Joel:

You make me feel so old! Ha ha. But you’re great in the video and I’m so glad you were a part of it!

thank you! I’ll definitely never forget that day!

Lets watch and see if we can see Joel in the video!!

WOW…It’s been a long time since I watched this video!  It’s still fun!

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  1. Great reunion between Clay and Trenyce and a great picture! I'm sure Trenyce was happy to see her friend from AI making a surprised visit! Nice tweet from Joel, too! It seems Clay's presence makes an impact on all our lives!

  2. Love the pics, nice to see Clay and Trenyce meeting in London, hope Clay has a great time there, one of the places I always wanted to visit. Thanks Musicfan for always keeping us up with all the latest news about Clay. ….xoo

  3. It was so exciting to see Clay in that video so many years ago. It still brings a smile to my face. Yes, I did see Joel & his mom in the video. So cute. Spent 2 hrs watching AI 15 last night but no Clay (unless he was on the last 10 minutes of the show, when I changed the channel).

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