Clay Aiken – Clays Voice Tells A Story

In the middle of March, 2005, Clay Aiken toured the tsunami-ravaged Indonesian province of Aceh.  This was Clay’s first trip as an ambassador for UNICEF.

Clay told the Jakarta Post:

The trip was for fact-finding purposes.  There are citizens in the U.S. who have offered their time, effort, money and resources…There are some who try to find out where their money is going, what type of work is being done.

While Clay was in Indonesia, he participated in UNICEF programs that helped children in many ways. Some of these important programs included helping children to reconnect with their families, caring for orphans, preventing the spread of disease and assisting children in returning to school.

According to an Indonesian news source, Clay spent an afternoon with about 100 children from Lampuuk Beach.  The children were housed at a refuge camp and they greeted him with songs.  It was reported that Clay sat and chatted with some of the children and tried to get them to laugh.

While Clay was in Indonesia, UNICEF distributed 4100 school-in-a-box tools and 1700 packages of games.  They planned on sending 200 teachers to Aceh a soon as possible.

UNICEF has many celebrity Ambassadors who donate time and money to many causes throughout the world.  They were lucky to have Clay Aiken on their team.

The following video of Clay’s trip to Indonesia is wonderful.  It shows the many places that Clay visited and uses Clays voice to tell the story of the trip.


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3 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Clays Voice Tells A Story

  1. When it comes to children, Clay has a heart as big as Texas! (that's where I'm from) Thanks CANN for the story and the wonderful video of OMC!

  2. It’s amazing how long and how much time Clay spent as a UNICEF ambassador. It must have been very hard but very rewarding. He’s a brave soul.

    I hope he decides to take us along on another trek this week. Maybe to the park with his dog or to the grocery store. Anything. Thanks musicfan for the work you did for this post. Always great. ❤️ UNCONDITIONAL love for you Clay. Thanks for caring.

  3. ya know its verry indeed amazing to me how long and how much time clay aiken spent as a unicef ambassador also because it must have been difacult and hard but verry rewarding also he sure is indeed a brave soul

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