Clay Aiken – A Resourceful Man!


The more one learns about Clay Aiken, the more you realize that he is brilliant, clever and resourceful…and he has been that way long before he became a household name.


Did you know that the shrewd Mr. Aiken contacted the local Raleigh media outlets when he returned from his audition in Atlanta, Georgia?  Clay auditioned in Atlanta on October 22, 2002. Upon the return to his home, he contacted the media to see if anyone was interested in his American Idol journey.

Within a few days, Lynda Loveland visited Clay at his home in Raleigh and recorded an interview.  He related the story of his Atlanta audition and even sang a few lines from Over The Rainbow and Always and Forever.  On November 2nd, about 10 days after Clay arrived home, WRAL broadcast the first video.


WRAL must have gotten a great response to the interview because the station covered Clay throughout his American Idol journey.  The station broadcast at least 7 different videos of Clay on the show…and Lynda Loveland even covered the finale live, in Hollywood.

The following video is loads of fun to see.  The quality is rather bad, but seeing Clay tell his story is exciting.

Fun, isn’t it?  If any of you have any videos of the WRAL shows from 2003, I would love to include them in a CANN blog.  



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  1. I have never seen this video! Thank you, CANN for posting. Great publicity for Clay and American Idol. Happy Thursday!

  2. That video of Clay talking about his first audition was new to me. Even back then you could see his confidence, which has only increased as time has passed.

  3. American Idol had no idea Clay would have everything they wanted and more! He gave them unique and has turned into the most handsome of men – not to mention the beautiful voice with many other talents beside. Yes brilliant and resourceful, too!

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