Clay Aiken – Twins With A BobbleHead!

Do you remember the short-lived TV show, On Air with Ryan Seacrest?  This show ran from January 12, 2004 through September 17, 2004.

The show was broadcast in the center  of Hollywood in a studio at Hollywood and Highland.

The show featured the popular guests of the time…but the show just never caught on.  Since the show was syndicated, it began to lose broadcasts and when 65% of the channels had removed the show, the series ended.

On January 15, 2004, Clay Aiken was a guest on the show.  As a joke, he and Ryan wore the same shirt and got lots of laughs.  Ryan showed a “before AI” picture of Clay and commented at how much better he looked now.  They also talked about how different  life was for Clay and laughed at the good and bad things that come with celebrity.  Ryan showed many of the gifts that the fans of Clay sent to the studio…flowers, donuts, stuffed animals, etc.

The two videos below show most of the time Clay was on the show on January 15th.

They are interesting and fun!

I am glad I found these YouTubes.

 I remembered some of the show, but I didn’t remember all of it!


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4 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Twins With A BobbleHead!

  1. Yes, I do remember this show and have it taped along with almost all of the TV shows Clay was on in those early years.

    I haven’t watched them in a while so I did enjoy seeing these videos and photos. I especially loved the bit of the young woman, “Michelle” meeting Clay at the “Concert”! She was so excited! It was aired a different time from the above videos. Do you remember that “On Air” segment?

    Thank you, Martha!

  2. Ryan's show was on TV back in the days when I was still working. I missed it then, but I'm sure happy that you posted the video today. I've never seen it before. Clay had no idea of how much was ahead for him at that time and all that he would accomplish.

  3. Thank you for posting these videos! So cute how Clay and Ryan wore the same shirt! Love the bobble-head of OMC!

  4. thanks so much for poasting these videos of clay when he was on air with ryanseacrest it was so cute how ryan sea crest and omc wore the same shirt and I do inded love the bobble head of clay aiken

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