Clay Aiken – An Amazing Concert

It was late on July 1, 2004 and a thunderstorm was threatening Manhattan. This was causing lots of frowns and lots of worry. Bad weather just couldn’t happen…..Not at that time…..Clay Aiken was scheduled to perform early the next morning and some of the potential audience was already waiting OUTSIDE to see their favorite singer.

Clay Aiken was performing in Bryant Park for Good Morning America’s Summer Concert Series and fortunately, the weather was fine!!

The anchors and reporters for GMA were amazed. Each one, including Diane Sawyer, announced that it was the biggest fan gathering they had ever had for one of their concerts. The crowd was enthusiastic and there were many fans that brought signs declaring their love of Clay!!

Clay’s mother, Faye Parker was at the park for the concert. She was excited about the concert and the fans and graciously signed many autographs for the fans.

Before the concert started, there were many mentions of Clay and the up-coming concert. The weatherman for the show was stationed at the park. He interviewed audience members and was enthusiastic about the concert and amazed at the fans that had traveled from throughout the United States and Canada to see and hear Clay. Back in the station, the TV audience was told that Clay’s first album, Measure of A Man, had gone triple platinum. The audience also saw a clip of the cute skit that was a part of Clay’s visit to the Jimmy Kimmel Show.

Clay, along with his band and back-up singers performed three songs. They “rocked out” on Invisible, I Will Carry You, and I Survived You. This performance was a warm-up for Clay’s solo tour that was scheduled to start later in the month.

It was an exciting morning and everything seemed to go well. Clay looked great, the music was wonderful and the staff of GMA was supportive and shocked by both Clay’s wonderful concert, and the huge, supportive audience. AND, the thunderstorm didn’t hit Manhattan after all!!

Relive this amazing concert by watching the great videos below.


Summer + Great Music = Fabulous Memories!!

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5 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – An Amazing Concert

  1. I stayed home from work that day to watch Clay on GMA! I wouldn't have missed it for the world! Happy Sunday to you all and thank you CANN for the videos!

  2. I was here my son John had a meet and greet with Clay. He was so good to my son who has many medical issues more now than before John enjoyed Clay Sat on his lap and Clay was talking to him. John still remembers that as if it were Yesterday and so do I I will always love Clay for doing that for John and also granting him his wish to sing with Clay live on stage in Atlantic City John has never forgotten what Clay has done for him he still talks about that day and still loves Clay and so do we.

  3. What a wonderful memory!! I was there!! The trip was made possible by a new Claymate friend and other new fans we were meeting along the way! Spent the night on the street in NY and we ended up in the front row!!! I had on a turquoise jacket. See if you can find my friends and I!! LOL My children thought I was crazy, but the new adventures were just beginning!!!! Met some good friends for life and listened to our favorite singer man up close!! It was absolutely one of the great days of my life

  4. this certanley was a amazing concert from clay aiken I wached the hole concert there were lots of clay fans and thank you good morning americian for letting clay do this it was nice to alsosee clays mom fay

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