Clay Aiken: A Late Night Talk Show Pro!

Great late night talk show hosts have entertained on TV for years.    They must be charismatic, hilarious, and not afraid to be controversial.  AND…they have to have great guests who make the show special.

Clay Aiken has been on late-night TV many times.  His personality and his ability to  answer every question quickly and with a laugh make him the best kind of guest.

Clay visited many times with Jay Leno on The Tonight Show and Jimmy Kimmel on ABC.  He also visited with  David Letterman, Jon Stewart, Bill Maher, and Stephen Colbert.

And then there was Conan O’Brien who stepped over the line in giving Clay a hard time.  All he seemed to do was  pile on nasty jokes about Clay.  Too bad for Conan, he missed out having the talented Clay Aiken on his show!

  I do hope that we might see Clay on a Late Night Show again…SOON!

I found a fun You Tube of Clay.  It shows some of the fun interviews Clay has had on Late Night Shows.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Now, isn’t that fun?


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6 thoughts on “Clay Aiken: A Late Night Talk Show Pro!

  1. Remember watching all of these late night Clay appearances – Clay was a riot and it was so nice reliving some of it with this video! Thank you!

    It's always a joy to see Clay and just how witty and fun his personality is! Another reason that everybody wants to be around him. He brings joy to all.

  2. Clay on Late Night Shows what a Thrill! After a long day at work, watching OMC ended my day with happiness with his banter and song!

  3. Thank you for the pictures and video. I remember when the two girls were on TV. I wonder what they are doing now. It was funny to see all the TV clips.

  4. Loved Clay on all those Late Night Shows. Enjoyed when he did co-hosed talk show like "Bold Blend". He is a natural for talk shows.

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