Clay Aiken – Folded In Half And Shoved In The Trunk

Flat Clay made a surprise appearance on August 3, 2007.  He was the center of attention as he stood straight in the window of a hotel room, looking down at the audience, the orchestra and……..Clay Aiken.

The Pala Casino Resort and Spa was the backdrop for this interesting meeting of Clays.  Just north-east of San Diego, Pala is one of the largest casinos and resort hotels in all of Southern California.

Clay was in the middle of his summer tour, nicknamed the “Soft Rock and A Hard Place” and was at Pala for the second of a four concert series in Southern California.

The setting for the concert at Pala was outside.  The 2000 plus audience was in folding chairs and was surrounded on two sides by the large hotel.  The rooms looked right out onto the concert area.

At one time in the concert, Clay joked that there were people “stealing” his concert by watching from their rooms.  Angela and Quiana were looking up too and noticed Flat Clay.  Real Clay was amused and joked about the cardboard cut-out that was keeping watch in a window on one of the top floors.  Someone in the audience told Clay that Flat Clay went everywhere with her.  Clay asked how he fit in the car and laughed when he found out he was folded in half and shoved in the trunk.

The next song on the playlist was “When I See You Smile” and Clay had fun singing it to Flat Clay…….it was almost a Love serenade.  The audience was laughing and so was Clay!!

The Pala concert was wonderful.  The setting was beautiful and the performance was incredible.  Clay and his back-up singers were outstanding and the orchestra provided a professional backing for Clay. The audience was loud, supportive and gave more than one standing ovation to the performers.  But when Clay sang “Lover All Alone”, you could have heard a pin drop in the audience.  The cellist that night was particularly good and the entire song was amazing. The fans in attendance felt it was one of the best concerts of the summer.


Did you attend a concert on the “Soft Rock and A Hard Place Tour?”

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  1. Attended this concert in Columbus, Ohio and in Sterling Heights, Michigan.

    They both were very well attended and were wonderful shows. Miss those times a lot!

    Thank you for the video and pics – so much fun!

  2. Thank you for the pictures and the video. I did not see Clay in the Soft Rock in a Hard Place Tour. The video is very funny about the flat Clay. Thank you CANN.

  3. Ahhh, yes I was at this concert and it was great!! Loved seeing cardboard Clay in the window and Clay singing to it was the highlight!!!

  4. Clay is amazed about how “enthusiastic” his fans are and supportive, too! Thank you CANN and Clay with this hilarious memory! TGIF!

  5. thanks for the pictures aand video I dint get a chance to see clay sing how ever im so glad and amazed also and enthoseastic his fans are and indeed there supported himthanks cann and clay withis funny memory tgif

  6. I saw the Knoxville show on this tour and it was my first time to see Clay live. It was just a few months after my college graduation, so the trip there was one of my presents. I loved the video of the Pala concert and Clay serenading Flat Clay. He is quite humorous at times.

  7. Just wanted all to know that Flat Clay is live and well! He is safely stored away for the next event I can bring him to. My good friend, Joan Haff, got him from. Cookie who ran Fan Fest and then left Clay behind. Barbara Glickenhaus

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