Clay Aiken – Great On TV

I was never a huge fan of Celebrity Apprentice, but I certainly watched every bit of season 5…you know, the season Clay Aiken won – oh wait…something went wrong!!!

There were 14 tasks for season 5.  The shows, along with the PR, made for many opportunities to see Clay and the rest of the cast.  Do you remember???

Check out the pictures and read the comment underneath!  The intelligent, handsome singer arose to every occasion and impressed so many people.  AND…we got to see him on TV every week!!!

Task 1 – Hero Worship
Task 2 – Getting Medieval
Task 3 – How Much Is That Celebrity in the Window
Task 4 – Failure to Launch
Task 5 – I’m Going To Mop The Floor
Task 6 – Party Like A Mock-Star
Task 7 – Walking Papers
Task 8 – Ad Hawk
Task 9 – Puppet Up!
Task 10 – Winning By A Nose
Task 11 – Jingle All The Way Home
Task 12 – Blown Away
Task 13 – And Then There Were Two
And The Winner Is…

Which task was your favorite??

Please remember….the shows are not political. Let’s keep it that way!

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2 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Great On TV

  1. Thank you for all the pictures. I love all the pictures I remember this. I watch just to see Clay. My favorite task was number 6 and 9. Thank you CANN.

  2. I think Puppet Up was my favorite task for Clay. He is so clever! Ah, the good old days when we could count on seeing Clay on some TV program every week.

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