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Clay Aiken – What Was LiveNation Thinking?

This post is coming from a Ramada Inn somewhere in New York State…….I think it is Newburgh.  It is almost 2 in the morning so this will be very short!!

The Timeless Concert this evening was amazing.  Clay and Ruben and all the musicians did a wonderful job.  There was lots of fun ad libs and everyone seemed to have a great time on stage.  Clay’s speaking voice is almost gone.  (Do you think it would be possible for him to not talk tomorrow before the concert??)  His singing voice is still awesome.

As much fun as the concert was, the venue was a horrible experience.  The concert was moved to the Grand Ballroom on the seventh floor.  AND, because it was a smaller venue,the seating was a complete mess.  We had 1st row, first boxseats.  We were passed from one person to the next as they didn’t know where we should sit.  Finally, someone said we could just go sit in the balcony!!  NO!!  Finally, after a few choice words to the box office, the best they could come up with was putting us in the section reserved for guests of the band.  Not good,but so much better than many people.  People who had 1st row, didn’t have seats,  the charity meet and greet people have very poor seats…….too many problems than you could believe.  Because of the problems, the show started almost a half hour late.

After the program, I was able to talk with Kathy, the manager of the Grand Ballroom.  She was kind in allowing me to ask some questions.

1.  When was the decision made to change the venue?

Kathy:  about 36 hours before the concert.

2.  Who made the decision?

Kathy:  LiveNation…..the facility had no say in the move.

3.  Why did they move it?

Kathy:  LiveNation wanted a full house, so they moved it to the smaller venue.  It saved LiveNation money.

4.  Why were the seats on TicketMaster listed as standing room??

Kathy:  Many of the rock concerts are like that and the promoter, (LN) did not realize what kind of a crowd would come to the concert…….so they really didn’t do their homework.

5.  I suggested that they would have probably sold more tickets had it did not say standing room.  She agreed.

Kathy:  I really want you to know that none of this was the idea of the facility.  We had nothing to do with the decision to move the concert.  They had no time to get the seating done and they are aware that there were a lot of very unhappy people.

I do want to thank Kathy for talking to me after the concert.  She was very tired and frustrated, however she was friendly and took the time to answer my questions.

I need to get some sleep so I will say goodnight for now.  Tomorrow……on to Verona!!  (I have a meet & greet).

LIVENATION!!!!  What were you thinking??

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