Clay Aiken – A Day To Honor 45 Presidents!


Happy Presidents’ Day!

It’s an extra holiday that gives most people a 3-day week-end

… no school, no work, and maybe a week-end of winter fun!

But…lets be real:

Presidents’ Day is an American holiday celebrated on the third Monday in February. Originally established in 1885 in recognition of President George Washington, it is still officially called “Washington’s Birthday” by the federal government.

It’s a day to honor all of our presidents.

How is your history? Mine is not too good, but I did find a few fun facts about some of our presidents.


Did you know:

  • The tallest President was Abraham Lincoln (1861-65). He stood 6 feet, 4 inches tall.
  • The heaviest President was William Howard Taft (1909-13), who sometimes tipped the scales at more than 300 pounds during his tenure. After he became stuck in the White House bathtub, Taft ordered a new one installed. The replacement was big enough to hold four grown men of average size.
  • John Quincy Adams (1825-29), the sixth President, customarily took a nude early morning swim in the Potomac River.
  • When Lewis and Clark were exploring the West, two young bear cubs were sent East to President Jefferson. He kept the bears in a cage on the White House lawn and occasionally went on walks with them.
  • James Garfield had a dog named Veto!
  • John Tyler had 15 children. The White House must have been hopping!

Now, that’s  a different kind of education!!

I hope you have a great day and I hope that Clay Aiken has some fun plans for the day!

I always enjoy watching Clay sing God Bless The USA!  It is the perfect song for a patriotic day!

Are you doing something special today??

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