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Clay Aiken – My Favorite Things

My Favorite Things

  • Realizing that three weeks from today, Clay Aiken will be performing live in Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Observing the loving, hands-on way that Clay has been guiding his fans at the OFC.
  • Reading the answers that Clay has given.  They are full of information, but also lots of fun. Bi-lingual Clay……who knew!!
  • Watching Mens Figure Skating at the Olympics (one of the reasons this is a short blog) Congrats to Evan!!
  • Seeing and participating in the fun and excitement that is a part of the ClayNation the past few weeks
  • Seeing the wonderful response to the VIP Packages.  So many kids will be helped by this
  • Finding all the google alerts that are showing up in support of the concert.  Each site needs hits and calm, positive comments.  The more hits and comments, the more publicity Clay will receive.


For the following (Salt Lake Tribune), after you get to the page, go over to the right margin and type in Clay Aiken in the search.





This video is part of a series that is so good.  Enjoy My Favorite  Things – SRHP


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