Clay Aiken – “…Comes Across As Very Likeable”

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REVIEW:Clay Aiken & Keala Settle’s Dreamcoat is a DREAM Come True

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

(Or the Bible goes Disco)

A Review by Jason Pendergast

           As summer in Ogunquit hits high season, so does the camp factor at the Playhouse.  I would have thought cornball productions like “The Rat Pack” or “Young Frankenstein” would have won the title.  Little did I know that the winner (so far) is a play based on— a Bible story!  “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” opens this week and based on the enthusiasm I saw on Thursday nights, fans of this camp classic (and its American Idol star, Clay Aiken) are ecstatic.

Now, it is has been many years since this Gayogunquit reviewer has been to Sunday School so my memory of the tale of Joseph is a bit hazy.   Set many, many years before the birth of Christ, this play (narrated by vocal talents of Keala Settle) tells the story of Jacob, a powerful (and apparently polygamous) leader of Israel, who has (at least) 12 sons.  One of them, the studious, sensitive Joseph (Clay Aiken) is his obvious favorite.  This does not sit well with the other 11 and when daddy Jacob gives his #1 son a rather flamboyant, gay pride looking trench coat, they plot a “Cain and Able” on him…

… As said before, this take on a Bible story can’t be taken seriously (even animal lovers will laugh aloud during the “death” of the goat/sheep prop!).  The cast is clearly enjoying themselves.  Aiken plays the role as a subdued, sensitive soul and comes across as very likable…

You can read the entire review at GAYOGUNQUIT   Be sure and give them a hit and let them know we appreciate hearing about Clay.  This is a very funny review and a bit tongue-in-cheek.  It is fun to read that they had fun at the show.

On their web-site, they have a bio of Clay and also the following picture:

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