Clay Aiken visits The Jimmy Kimmel Show on Valentine’s Day.

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November 6 & 7, 2007. “Capital One Holiday Celebration on Ice” featuring World and National Champion ice skaters Sasha Cohen, Yuka Sato, Caryn Kadavy, Shae-Lynn Bourne, Todd Eldredge, Philippe Candeloro, Steven Cousins, Jenni Meno & Todd Sand, and Kyoko Ina & John Zimmerman.

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9 thoughts on “TV

  1. Thanks for the great slideshow! I loved Clay’s appearance on this skating special. His wonderful voice coupled with the very talented skaters was a perfect match!

  2. Thanks for the slideshow – I was there that night and saw it live — he and all the skaters were wonderful.

  3. Thanks for the memories. I was there in Las Vegas that night, and it was an unforgettable evening of the best Christmas songs,sang by a man with the best voice in the USA.Put Clay together with A-List ice skaters, and it doesn’t get any better than that.

  4. Thanks for sharing that. I wish I could have seen that live.

    I’m curious about something though. When Clay sang at the Hurricane’s game in 2003, he was skating but I think he said he couldn’t skate during this performance.

  5. I really enjoyed the slideshow. I so remember when he was on The Holiday On Ice Show. What a wonderful show and the beautiful Christmas songs from Clay were the icing on the cake.

  6. hi iam ashlie white i have been a clay aiken fun for a long time since 2003 i saw him sing and i said wow he can sing

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