Clay Aiken – It’s A Thumbs Up!

What do you do when something deserves a lot of approval?  Some people jump for joy and some might even turn a few cartwheels, but for most of us, we show a big “thumbs-up.

The origin of the sign is unclear, but one theory is that the thumbs up sign was used by the crowds to signal if a defeated gladiator should be spared, whereas the thumbs down would signal that he should be killed.

During World War II, the thumbs up gesture became popular among U.S. aircraft carriers. This was to inform the crew from the deck that it was ready for takeoff and the wheel blocks can be eliminated.  And, who can forget the Fonz.  Thumbs-ups was his signature gesture.

Although American people do not think of thumbs-up as a negative gesture, there are some portions of the world that consider the thumbs-up signal as being offensive, especially in many countries in the Middle East. In many Middle Eastern countries, thumbs up represents the self-explanatory meaning, “Up yours, pal!”

There are many other places throughout the world where this gesture is insulting. In locations such as West Africa, Iran, Greece, and South America (except for Brazil), it is a very obscene gesture.

Thank goodness those of us in the United States and Canada don’t have to worry.  Just like the movie critics, we know thumbs-up means everything is A-OK.

Do you remember seeing Clay Aiken use this signal??  Well, here are a few pictures to show he has a good time when he says “Thumbs Up!”

I did spend time looking through pictures of the last couple of years and it looks like Clay doesn’t give a thumbs up much anymore!   Hmmm!

Yes……..I know……..I need some real Clay Aiken News!!


Clay Aiken pictures are always good!!

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  1. Could it be that one reason Clay isn't giving thumbs-up signs much anymore is because he hasn't been, and/or hasn't been able to do, what he truly, deep down loves best? I hope whatever comes next for Clay will bring him lots of good reasons to give us a thumbs up.

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