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Clay Aiken - The Blues

Have you ever tried to make blue food? Sounds a bit odd doesn’t it? Well, that’s exactly what Clay Aiken did on September 27, 2008. Clay was a gues[...]

Clay Aiken - "When Autumn Leaves Start To Fall"

The falling leaves drift by my windowThe falling leaves of red and goldI see your lips, the summer kissesThe sunburned hands I used to hold Since yo[...]

Clay Aiken - The Talk-Show Circuit

Clay Aiken It was September 22, 2006………Clay Aiken was in the “blender.” It was the fourth day of his frantic spin through the talk-show circuit, prom[...]

Clay Aiken - Let's Have Fun

Make the most of this day! Laugh, love, read, live, learn, play, dream and just be happy! Live every moment! Happy Saturday! ~~~~~ The fo[...]

Clay Aiken - A Sunshine Day!

Good morning - Happy Friday! Be someone’s sunshine today. Thursday was a busy day here at CANN! So...I hope you enjoy the following video. I [...]

Clay Aiken - Thirteen Year Anniversary!

It seems impossible that it has been 13 years since Clay Aiken delivered  A Thousand Different Ways to the world. The CD was released on September [...]

Clay Aiken - On-site Reporter

On September 18, 2005, Clay Aiken appeared on the 2005 Emmy Awards.  He served as part of the on-site reporting team for The Insider. After the even[...]

Clay Aiken - An Amazing Look!

 A Thousand Different Ways. by Clay Aiken  ...an album filled with love songs and real gems. Clay started the promotion for A Thousand Different Way[...]

Clay Aiken - Do You Have A Favorite?

photogenic: having features, coloring, and a general facial appearance that look attractive in photographs ~ World English Dictionary Supporters [...]

Clay Aiken - We Can All Make A Difference!

What Do You Know About UNICEF? UNICEF was created to work with others to overcome the obstacles that poverty, violence, disease and discrimination p[...]

Clay Aiken - Fun, Relaxed and Full of Laughs!

As we are waiting for some news from Clay Aiken, it is fun to go back and re-live some of the exciting things that Clay has done in the last 16 y[...]

Clay Aiken - Let's Rewind!

American Idol 2: Top 5 Neil Sedaka Night This was the first week each contestant sang two songs! The following video is the American Idol Rewind [...]

News From Clay Aiken!

Clay Aiken posted the following message on his twitter page on Tuesday: Excited to announce that I’ll be at @Politicon this year - Oct 26 and 27t[...]

Clay Aiken - Today, I Will Make A Difference!

"Today, I will be too calm for worry, too noble for anger and too strong for defeat. Today, I will believe anything is possible...I will walk throug[...]

Clay Aiken - An Amazing Friendship!

A couple of years ago, Clay Aiken tweeted a very nice message: People always seem so surprised when they hear that we are still such good friends. [...]

Clay Aiken - A Star-Studded Concert !

Every year, The David Foster Foundation has a huge fundraiser called The David Foster Miracle Gala and Concert.  This year the event is celebrating [...]

Clay Aiken - omg! Insider

Did you ever watch the television show, The Insider? Considered a news program that became tabloid television, The Insider covered the news, celebri[...]

Clay Aiken - "Memories Will Never Fade!"

“Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.” ~~~~~ Memories on this beautiful Saturday...16 years!!   What fun we[...]

Clay Aiken - ...Pure Pop Magic

I am always amazed at the creativity of Clay Aiken fans. It is fun to see what they can do with the beautiful pictures. There are those who take the[...]

Clay Aiken - Positive Thoughts for Florida!

Much of the world has been thinking about Hurricane Dorian.  This massive storm has  pounded the Bahamas and Caribbean and is headed to Florida, Sou[...]