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Clay Aiken - Singing From 500 Greatest Songs of All Time

During a conversation with some friends this past week-end, the topic of the Beatles was brought to the table.  Most of the conversation was remem[...]

Clay Aiken - It's March Madness Time!

Are you a fan of basketball?  I am an avid fan... especially for the Warriors. It seems that Clay Aiken enjoys basketball too...especially if the [...]

Clay Aiken - An Irish Treat!

May your blessings outnumber The shamrocks that grow, And may trouble avoid you Wherever you go. ~Irish Blessing Did you have a chance to s[...]

Clay Aiken - Bold Talk and a Bold Video!

It's Friday and that means it's a BOLD Morning! #BoldTV is LIVE today at 10am ET/7am PDT on Facebook Live and #Periscope Join Carrie Sheffield[...]

Clay Aiken - Listen To The Words

Clay Aiken performed an emotional performance of the song, Both Sides Now  at the Champions Gala held by the National Inclusion Project in 2010. H[...]

Clay Aiken - He helped bring awareness to a ravaged area!

On 12/26/04, an earthquake in the Indian Ocean caused a tsunami that left more than 122,000 dead and about 114,000 missing in Banda Aceh. On 3/[...]

Clay Aiken -A Great Sit-Down Interview

Way back in November, 2003, Clay Aiken visited the Ellen Show.   He had a great sit-down interview with Ellen. Who can forget Clay Aiken showing th[...]

Clay Aiken - Did You Watch?

Did you watch American Idol last night? If so, did you enjoy it? Who was your favorite singer? ~~~~~ Today, we are looking back 15 years!!  Oh[...]

Clay Aiken - Spring Forward to American Idol!

Spring Forward !! Do you like Daylight Savings Time?? ~~~~~ It's Sunday, March 11!  That means that the new ABC version of American Idol premiere[...]

Clay Aiken - Heart & Soul

I Can't Make You Love Me Turn down the lights, turn down the bed Turn down these voices inside my head Lay down with me, tell me no lies Just ho[...]

Clay Aiken - All About Love

It's Friday and that means it's a BOLD Day! #BoldTV is LIVE today at 10am ET/7am PDT on Facebook Live and #Periscope Join Carrie Sheffield and[...]

Clay Aiken - Celebrate!

Please see the poll at the end of this post!  It is important! Sometimes the best things that happen in life are planned with each and every deta[...]

Clay Aiken - A Singer Who Is A Real Musician

Music IS My Life!!  My mom was a concert pianist, my dad, the drum major of the UCLA band, and by 5 years old I played the piano and the flute. I[...]

Clay Aiken - It's American Idol Time Again And Clay Is In The News

One of the good things that happens when American Idol starts a new season... News articles about former Idols On Monday, the website, Insider, [...]

Clay Aiken - We All Dream In Gold!

The 90th annual Academy Awards was on Sunday evening. It was broadcast on ABC.  Talk show host Jimmy Kimmel returned to host the show for the seco[...]

Clay Aiken - Plays Soccer ??

  Let's Just Play was a national multi-media campaign and grassroots effort to get kids more physically active and encourage more positive[...]

Clay Aiken - American Idol -Will You Watch?

The famous Television show, American Idol returns to television on Sunday, March 11 on ABC! According to the American Idol website: Idol alu[...]

Clay Aiken - A Spectacular Performance

In 1987, the rock band U2 released an album titled The Joshua Tree.  The opening track from this album is Where The Streets Have No Name. Bono,[...]

Clay Aiken - Great Expectations

It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade. ~ Charle[...]

Clay Aiken - "...To Leap, Skip, etc."

Dance: to move one’s feet or body, or both, rhythmically in a pattern of steps, especially to the accompaniment of music. to leap, skip, etc., as [...]