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Clay Aiken - "When Autumn Leaves Start To Fall"

The falling leaves drift by my windowThe falling leaves of red and goldI see your lips, the summer kissesThe sunburned hands I used to hold Since yo[...]

Clay Aiken - Moments of Fun... Moments of Tears

Make kindness your daily modus operandi and change the world. ~ Annie Lennox ~~~~ In 2007, Clay spent the summer touring the states on a tour wi[...]

Clay Aiken - A Special Pageant

I will always remember the first time Clay Aiken sang at the Miss America Pageant.  It was on September 20th, 2003.  Clay was the featured musical g[...]

Clay Aiken - A Huge Loss!

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a pioneering figure in the fight for women’s legal equality and the second woman to serve on the Supreme Court. S[...]

Clay Aiken - It's A Holiday

Today is September 18, 2020 At sunset, we will say: “Shanah tovah um’tukah” “May you have a good and sweet new year.” Rosh Hashanah is the celebrati[...]

Clay Aiken - On-site Reporter

On September 15, 2005, Clay Aiken appeared on the 2005 Emmy Awards.  He served as part of the on-site reporting team for The Insider. After the even[...]

Ask A Star

  Most Clay Aiken fans remember when Clay was in Spamalot at the Shubert Theatre in Broadway.  It was very special to both Clay and his fans. When [...]

There was Just Something Special

A Thousand Different Ways. by Clay Aiken album filled with love songs and real gems. Clay started the promotion for A Thousand Different W[...]

Clay Aiken -...Simply A Thing Of Beauty

September brings back-to-school season and summer’s end, but it is also a month full of many unusual things to celebrate. I think the following a[...]

Clay Aiken - A True Friendship

Clay Aiken tweeted on Saturday, September 12th.  He wanted us to know that it was Ruben Studdards birthday.  With his message, he included a grea[...]

Clay Aiken - Is It Still Summer?

We only have a few more days of summer.  I always enjoyed seeing and hearing Clay sing in the park in the summer.  But.....we have not been able [...]

Clay Aiken - An Interesting Day

Good morning - Happy Friday! Be someone’s sunshine today. On Thursday, Clay Aiken posted this week's podcast of                                   [...]

The River Rock Theatre

Every year, The David Foster Foundation has a huge fundraiser called The David Foster Miracle Gala and Concert.   According to the Foundation's webs[...]

Clay Aiken - Today, I Will Make A Difference!

"Today, I will be too calm for worry, too noble for anger and too strong for defeat. Today, I will believe anything is possible...I will walk throug[...]

Clay Aiken - Great Singing and Lots of Laughs!  

  It is always fun when I look back and find something that I just have to watch on's even better when it is about Clay Aiken. I think [...]

Clay Aiken - It's A Great Holiday

Happy Labor Day to Clay Aiken and to all his fans! Labor Day is more than just a day off from school and work. It’s a great time to think about the [...]

Clay Aiken - Opening The Eyes Of The World

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. ~ Confucius Clay Aiken was introduced to the national stage in 2003, but [...]

Clay Aiken - Crazy Things!!

“Forget the things that made you sad and remember those that made you glad. Happy Weekend!” ~~~ Think back...way, way back...farther...don't stop u[...]

Clay Aiken - Popular With Fans

David Siegel is a musician and songwriter who lives in South Beach, Florida.  He is probably best known for co-writing songs for Enrique Iglesias.  [...]

Clay Aiken - "Memories Will Never Fade!"

“Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.” ~~~~~ Memories on this beautiful day!   What fun we have had! Tha[...]