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Wouldn’t you think that if you wrote for a paper and your job was to report the news, you would try and get all the facts correct?  Unfortunately, news sources today seem to go for speed and don’t take the time to be accurate.

Clay Aiken

Clay Aiken

Take, for instance, the article published by the Miami Herald this morning. Madeleine Marr wrote a short article on Golfing For Inclusion. Her attitude towards the event and Clay Aiken was positive. She had quotes and it was obvious that she had heard Clay in an interview. Great!!

But, as soon as she had to do research, she gets it wrong. She must have found the information on last year’s event because the song list was a year old. So, instead of getting Kudos for a nice article, she gets a Slam for not taking the time to get it right.

Does it matter?? Well, this is not a real important mistake, but the next time I read an article by Madeleine, I will be wondering if it is correct.

Judge for yourself: Clay Aiken is no ‘Idol’ on the golf course

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4 thoughts on “Check The Facts

  1. I noticed right away when I read it that the songs were from last year. It’s not the first time that I have seen sloppy reporting. Her errors were harmless, but in many cases the mistakes that reporters make are very damaging.

  2. It IS sloppy reporting to say the least and its why reporters and journalists get a bad reputation. I’m sure, in her busy schedule, she could of at least got the songs correct and made the report accurate. As it was, it was harmless but as Sally says above, sloppy reporting can lead to damage..

  3. I noticed that, too! It got me confused, but then I thought it must have been an error. Yup, it was indeed! I’d rather have a legit Clay fan reporting rather than a full-fledge reporter/journalist who could not deliver facts! Anyway, I just subscribed to CANN. I just found out about this site while reading blogs on CDD a few minutes ago. Congrats!

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