Clay Talks To Linda Loveland

Clay and Linda in an early interview

Clay and Linda in an early interview

Clay Aiken called this morning and talked to Linda Loveland on WRAL-FM MIX 101.5. Linda just recently moved from her spot as a morning and noon news anchor on WRAL-TV to join Bill Jordan on WRAL-FM. She replaced Sherri Logan, who left the station to spend more time with her family.

Click here to listen to the interview: Clay calls Linda Loveland

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10 thoughts on “Clay Talks To Linda Loveland

  1. Clay is just too funny! It’s wonderful to hear that voice and that laugh (I especially liked the comment about being on the radio).

    Thanks for getting this up so fast!

  2. He is such a warm funny person! What a nice gesture to call Linda and welcome her to her new job! I really enjoyed listening to this interview! Thanks!

  3. Its heartwarming and I cant help but smiling when I hear Clay laugh – its infectious! Even though it seemed like a conversation between friends, it was also open enough for us all to enjoy and what a sweetie he is to do that for Linda..:)

  4. Oh, I felt like I was eavesdropping on a conversation. That was really kind of Clay to call in. It was really a great listen.

    Good luck to Linda!

  5. Hearing that man laugh is just music to my ears!!! So thoughtful of Clay to call Linda. His comment about her being on the radio more than he has just shows that he really does have a sense of humor. (But, I hope that in the future that he WILL be on more.)

  6. I love hearing that man talk. He sounds so good. Linda has always been a good friend to Clay. Thanks for adding this.

  7. Leave it to a man like Clay Aiken to support a friend in their new endeavor. I love him more and more everyday.

    And that giggle gets me everytime!

  8. Hearing his goofy, unbridled laughter makes me so happy! I cannnot stop smiling!

    What a sweetie to call Linda and wish her well.

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