Four Year Search For Grail Is Over

Where In the World is Clay Aiken? Well that question was answered Sunday night when Clay attended the final Broadway performance of Monty Python’s Spamalot at the Shubert Theatre.

From all accounts, the cast and crew put on a spectacular show, filled with the usual jokes and giggles, but also added a few closing night antics. The audience was afforded a very special experience and the sold-out crowd showed their appreciation with a long standing ovation.

A highlight of the evening was at the end when Eric Idle took the stage and in his witty way, mentioned that he would miss the ……!! He was joined on the stage by John DuPrez and Mike Nichols who joked about having a few suggestions for the cast.

All former cast members were invited up to share in the final singing of Always Look on the Bright Side of Life. Included in the group were David Hyde Pierce and Chris Sieber who were a part of the original cast.

Clay Aiken, who portrayed Sir Robin until Jan 4th, joined the others on the stage and seemed to enjoy seeing his friends and participating in the closing festivities. He hugged his fellow cast members, picked up confetti and blew the final confetti horn.

Clay looked dapper wearing grey flannel trousers, a blue shirt and sweater vest, topped off with a bow tie. It was reported that he was wearing his glasses and that his hair is lighter in color. He was accompanied to the performance by his friend Reed Kelly and his bodyguard Jerome. They all seemed to enjoy the performance, leading the applause for their friends on the stage.

It was reported that there was a huge party for the cast, former cast and crew after the performance.

Fans are looking forward to watching the careers of not only Clay Aiken, but Tom Deckman, Rick Holmes and David Hibbard. They are so talented that another show will surely be in their future

As for Clay and his next project, we can only hope we find out that information soon. Whatever it is, it is bound to be successful and will show off his wonderful talent.

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3 thoughts on “Four Year Search For Grail Is Over

  1. And we’ll all be ‘right here waiting’ for him. He’s one of a kind and a heck of an entertainer.

  2. I can hardly wait to see where this leads Clay in future projects. He certainly proved he’s not only a great singer but entertainer as well. If it were not for Clay doing Spamalot I would never have gotten to know the names and faces of the other cast memebers and am looking forward to seeing in what direction their careers go from here and hopefully seeing them again.
    Enjoy your rest Clay, but come back to us soon refreshed and ready to go.

  3. I think Spamalot was one of the best decisions Clay has made so far. It was good and I loved the cast members. Clay has a good head on his shoulders and will make a good decision for his next project also. I am so glad he was able to attend the last show with Reed and that he was able to go on stage and sing the last ALOTBSOL. What a memory for him and a special occasion on Broadway. I have been so incredibly impressed by the actors on Broadway-wishing all of them in Spamalot a good future in acting-they are wonderful!

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