CANN Site News: 2/3/09

New Photo Slideshow
redca40 has put together a new slideshow featuring Clay’s November, 2007 appearance on “Capital One Holiday Celebration on Ice.” Be sure to check it out here!

Tired of the same old default avatars on this site? Well, you can now change that to the avatar of your choice. Just go here and sign up (for free) with the email address you use for posting. There you can upload any image you choose for an avatar and that is what will show anytime you use that email address with a Gravatar enabled site. Just remember that I have the avatar size set to be rather small, so you will want an image that is not too detailed.

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9 thoughts on “CANN Site News: 2/3/09

  1. Cool!! It said it worked but to allow 5 to 10 mins so I’m just checking. If not, I’ll check back in a sec!

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