Jennifer Hudson Soars

I Know!! I Know!! This is a Clay Aiken board.

But, when another performer steps up to the plate and hits a home-run (or was it throws a pass for a touchdown), it needs to be acknowledged.

Jennifer Hudson returned to the spotlight Sunday with a flawless performance of the national anthem at the beginning of the Super Bowl.

Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson

Hudson looked a bit nervous as she stepped onto the stage. She paused, took a breath and launched into one of the most difficult songs to sing.

The Super Bowl performance was Hudson’s first public appearance since October when her family was shocked by the murders of her mother, brother and nephew.

Rickey Minor, the pre-game show producer said that Hudson was very calm and prepared and that he had suggested she take a deep breath before she started so that she could calm herself and be prepared.

Singing the national anthem at the Super Bowl is a prestigious invitation and Hudson’s performance was amazing. Her performance was almost more personal than patriotic.

Jennifer is expected to resume her active work schedule now. She is scheduled to perform at next week’s Grammy Awards and is filming her new video which is set to debut on February 9th.

Congratulations, Jennifer. Your performance was inspiring.

By the way, I expect we will hear Clay Aiken at the Super Bowl sometime too. He will knock the striped socks off everyone!!

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9 thoughts on “Jennifer Hudson Soars

  1. I didn't get to see the beginning of the game, so I missed her perfomance, but I'm happy for her! Yes, this is a Clay site, but I'm sure we can all appreciate something great by any artist and Jennifer has endured so much, it's great to see her back.

  2. I agree. Jennifer Hudson hit the banner out of the park with an awesome performance. The fact that this was her first appearance since the family tragedy made it even more amazing.

    Thank you for your dedication to providing an excellent site for Clay Aiken-related news!


  3. Bravo to Jennifer! She did look a tad bit nervous before she started, but she warmed right up and did an amazing job!

    Kudos to her for perservering. She’s made of some strong stuff (just like a certain Mr. Clay Aiken)

  4. I just want to congratulate Jennifer on doing such an amazing job. I wish her all the best in the years to come.

  5. I know its a Clay Aiken site but kudos to Jennifer. What an awful tragedy shes had to endure yet she stood proud for her country and sang her heart out!

  6. I’ve always loved Jennifer. She was my pick on Idol and was sent home way too soon. What a talented young lady. She did a fantastic job yesterday.

  7. To bad they made Jennifer Lip Synch the song.
    they wanted there to be no mistakes for the event I read in an article. So she pre recorded the song. Nice renditon.

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